Microsoft Teams integration

Aircall’s cloud-based call center solution lets you make calls directly from chat conversations within Microsoft Teams.


Aircall for Microsoft Teams is built for all types of business users to communicate and collaborate with colleagues as well as customers. Launch calls directly from Teams using Aircall’s cloud-based call center - using our desktop and mobile apps - and enjoy all advanced in-call actions in an intuitive manner.

How Aircall works with Microsoft Teams

Aircall works as a complementary solution to users of Microsoft Teams. We understand that having a consistent user experience is key when it comes to collaboration - both with colleagues and customers - and this integration is meant to bring a unified experience for every user.

Key Features of the Aircall and Teams integration

Installation and User Management

Bringing Aircall into Microsoft Teams is a one-time activity. And all it takes is for users to add the Aircall app from the Teams marketplace and dial away!

Availability Sync

Synchronize user availability statuses between Aircall and Teams so users are either available or unavailable when using both applications simultaneously. This is also to ensure a consistent experience is in place irrespective of whether calls are made to colleagues or customers.


Make phone calls to chat contacts - one-on-one or one-to-many chat contacts - directly from Teams and experience all the advanced call center features and in-call functions in an intuitive manner.

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