The role of operations in building a tech stack for your business depends on the overall needs of your sales and support teams.

9 Tools That Can Make or Break Your Customer Experience

Darrell WilliamsLast updated on June 4, 2024
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Providing a great customer experience is critical to every successful business. When organizations fail to offer a positive customer experience, customers will quickly discover competitors.

Below, we’ll break down nine tools to consider adding to your tech stack to make your life easier and create a better experience for your customers.

9 Essential Customer Experience Tools to Add to Your Tech Stack

1. Aircall: Best for Call Management

Aircall has to be included on this list since it offers over 100 seamless integrations with some of the most recognized brands in the world for call management needs.

Whether you want to manage call centers, customer support, or sales calls, Aircall makes call management painless. But don’t just take our word for it—Aircall was listed as one of the best business phone systems of 2022 by U.S. News. Unlike its competitors, Aircall uses an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and call recording, which many competitors charge higher costs to access.

Aircall offers a wide array of features that truly distinguishes it as the market leader for call management. On its software features overview page, you can learn more about Aircall’s services.

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2. HubSpot: Best for CRM Management

As one of the world’s leading CRM companies, HubSpot offers the ability to manage omnichannel data effortlessly. As a result, companies can provide better connectivity between platforms.

HubSpot also provides a custom domain option that allows you to have one platform to manage your CRM data and create a brandable website presence through the drag-and-drop editor.

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HubSpot also has an integration with Aircall to import call data. Through the integration, you can:

  • Get incoming call alerts to start conversations instantly

  • Monitor call status in HubSpot and make adjustments in real-time

  • Automatically route a customer to the right team

Are you an existing Aircall customer? Get started with HubSpot for free, or get 20% off select HubSpot plans.

3. Crazyegg: Best for User Engagement Optimization

Heat-mapping software can pinpoint specific focus areas from your customers on your web property or mobile application so you can see what your audience naturally gravitates toward. This makes Crazyegg an indispensable tool for optimizing the customer experience.

One of the benefits of Crazyegg is that you can start A/B split testing by leveraging heat map data to improve your conversion rates.

Crazy eggs overlay image

Crazyegg offers a great feature called Overly, which can help you quantify the interaction rate of each site element. Additionally, a scroll heap map is provided to gauge the scroll depth of users.

Are you prioritizing what matters to your users? ConversionXL found that users spent 80% of their time above the fold vs. 20% below it. Offering what users want immediately is crucial to providing an excellent customer experience.

Don’t assume your website design is flawless without testing the site layout to gauge the level of impact a variant may produce for your business.

4. SurveyMonkey: Best for Surveys

When conducting a survey, the overarching goal is to create an unbiased perspective.

Organizations can leverage survey data to gain transparency into services and products sold to customers. SurveyMonkey was created with this chief principle in mind.

As a result, SurveyMonkey provides a wide variety of templates to start surveying your audience.

Survey monkey image

You can quickly gauge your survey results and extrapolate valuable insights you would not have been able to measure through analytics data.

Surveys are priceless for brands that aim to create a better customer experience, and customers are eager to share their experience with your brand.

Did you know that Survey response rates can reach 85% when a customer base is motivated and the survey is well-executed? If you’re not using surveys, you run the risk of missing out on valuable feedback.

5. Klarna: Best for Installment Payments

Did you know that 50% of consumers have used a buy now, pay later service? Economically, times are hard right now. Yet people are still willing to buy products and services, especially if they can make multiple payments over time.

Providing a good customer experience means providing consumers with flexible payment options. Klarna offers a means for users to buy products and services through installment payments. Demonstrating empathy is vital to customer retention and referrals. In addition, by offering payment options, you are likely increasing sales. You’re missing out if you’re not providing an installment payment option for your customers.

6. OptinMonster: Best for Incentive Offers

Campaign triggers are one of the most powerful features that can enhance the customer experience. This is because campaign triggers can detect your visitors’ behavior and dynamically display segmented campaigns based on specific criteria, increasing your conversion rate while improving the customer experience.

Through the use of OptinMonster, you can gamify the customer experience with timely messages. OptinMonster has established itself as one of the premier WordPress plugins for incentive-based email opt-ins. OptinMonster also offers an array of tools to enhance the customer experience.

7. Canva: Best for Nimble Creative Design Teams

Canva offers low–learning curve design software for nimble design teams, allowing content creators and marketers to create captivating designs that will enhance the customer experience.

Canva hp image

Compared to Adobe Photoshop, Canva is relatively inexpensive and offers predesigned elements that are visually stunning.

Users can easily use the drag-and-drop editor to make designs that would take hours to create in Photoshop. So if you want to free up your time without compromising design, Canva is your best bet.

8. Olark: Best for On-Demand Chatting

Utilizing chatbots is essential in the era of on-demand services. In fact, 80% of people have interacted with a chatbot at some point.

Olark offers one of the most robust chatbot experiences around. With the AI-powered chatbot called co-pilot, you can automate your responses with little effort and redirect users to helpful articles to self-service.

Additionally, Olark offers:

  • Conversation transcripts

  • Reporting

  • Real-time engagement

One of the most valuable functionalities is the team management feature, which helps give a human element to chatbot responses. The team management feature allows you to assign chats to agents with the best answer for specific questions.

9. Best for Third-Party Data Collection

Data management is of the utmost importance and shows no signs of slowing down. Using, third-party data connections called destinations can empower organizations to better understand their users. creates a unified front for parsing data into third-party tools, allowing more transparency on what your customers are doing to enrich the customer experience further.

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Evaluating your current customer experience

Regardless of your tech stack, consistently evaluating tools to enhance your customer experience is critical. The data speaks for itself:  86% of buyers are willing to pay more for products and services for a great customer experience.

All too often, when organizations are leveraging third-party tools to accomplish the goal of enhancing the customer experience, they tend to forget to use platforms as integrated systems. Each platform should be able to add better connectivity to increase the overall customer experience.

About the Author: Darrell Williams is the founder of, which teaches people how to create and grow online businesses fast, like a startup. He also serves as the Head Of Insights & Optimization at, a development and design firm that builds next-generation websites with cutting-edge technology.

Published on November 18, 2022.

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