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Call customers from Microsoft Teams, and share contacts with teammates to enable company-wide collaboration.

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Microsoft Teams
Call customers and prospects from chats, channels, or from the Contacts tab in Microsoft Teams.
Call customers and prospects from chats, channels, or from the Contacts tab in Microsoft Teams.
Send a Contact Card to teammates with a link to the contact’s CRM profile. Collaborate on tickets and opportunities, and provide teammates with relevant contact details.
Search, add, and manage Aircall contacts directly from Microsoft Teams. Manage internal and external contacts from a single source of truth.

Aircall and Microsoft Teams work together to enable seamless communication between customers, sales, support, and back-office workers. Launch customer calls from Microsoft Teams, share contact details with teammates in chats or channels, and enable collaboration across teams.

Call customers and prospects from Microsoft Teams

Launch calls with customers and prospects directly from Microsoft Teams, so customer-facing teams can work out of their preferred collaboration platform.

Consult teammates on tickets and opportunities

Send a Contact Card within Microsoft Teams to consult colleagues on tickets and opportunities, with all the relevant details teammates need. Communicate seamlessly across departments to provide context, share knowledge, and elevate the customer experience.

Manage and add contacts from one platform

Search for Aircall contacts from Microsoft Teams, and manage a centralized list of customers and teammates from a single source of truth. Place calls from the Contacts tab to streamline outbound communication.

Prevent missed calls and interruptions

Sync user availability statuses between Aircall and Microsoft Teams to see when colleagues are busy. Prevent interruptions and missed calls, and spend more time speaking to customers and prospects.


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