Sales Automation

Leadcamp, the modern sales action platform. Surface your calling activity alongside all other prospect activity to gain full insight into their interest and engagement.

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Leadcamp equips sales teams with everything they need to excel in modern sales, including cadencing, automation, content management and guided selling.

Leadcamp + Aircall: key benefits

Using the Aircall x Leadcamp integration, sales teams can increase their productivity by managing all sales activities from one platform. Leadcamp analyzes all prospect interactions in real-time across multiple channels and guides salespeople to which prospect deserves which attention using A.I. intent signals. Sales teams use Leadcamp to remove distractions from their team and build a sales team of top performers.

Boost seller productivity

Call actions in sequences are easy to complete within Leadcamp, without leaving your screen. With click-to-call, your sales reps can make direct outbound calls to prospects from their task list.

All data at your fingertips

All your prospect engagement history from Leadcamp is a click away, providing the full context of your call, and giving your team maximum context to enhance the sales experience and have better conversations.

Instantly log calls

Sellers can save time on every call by getting rid of manual data entry. All calls are automatically logged with the appropriate prospect, along with important details about the call, including tags, answered or missed, and all call notes.

1-click setup

Enable the Aircall x Leadcamp integration in a couple of minutes. Starting in Leadcamp's integration page, just hit the connect button and off you go!"


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