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What Is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)?

Contact center as a service or CCaaS is a cloud based subscription service that provides communication tools, like phone system service, to clients.
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Today, customers not only want superior customer experience, they’ve come to expect it and CCaaS may be your solution for giving it to them. It doesn’t matter if you have superior products or stellar pricing if you can’t assure your customers that your customer service will be just as high-quality. That sentiment holds true for every industry.

Your company’s contact center makes a first and lasting impression of your company. Your customer’s experience tells them much about the kind of experience they can expect if they choose to do business with you. On the flip side, their earliest experience also makes it clear who they don’t want to do business with.

When you use contact center as a service (CCaaS) software, you’re giving your call center representatives tools and resources that’ll enhance your customers’ experience, making your call center employees’ jobs more rewarding, and improving your bottom line.

What Is a Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS?

CCaaS is an acronym for contact center as a service. These are cloud-based software solutions used by inbound and outbound teams to provide an overall better customer experience — while hosting your environment in the cloud rather than on servers at your place of business. The main purpose of CCaaS is to route contacts and keep track of interactions using an organized software.

The providers of contact center as a service software develop and maintain the software, which speaks to the “as a service” part of the definition. Essentially, CCaaS is a cloud-based phone system or other communication software that lets your company achieve inbound and outbound communication with customers or prospects. CCaaS has been revolutionizing how contact centers respond to their customers.

Setting the foundations for CCaaS, companies have long used VoIP technology, which is an acronym for voice over internet protocol. VoIP phone systems allow you to make phone calls using traditional telephone numbers but operate using modern internet technologies.

How Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Works

A contact center is a hive of activity. A busy call center manages hundreds, or even thousands, of calls during the course of a day.

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CCaaS is a cloud-based customer experience software solution that gives contact centers the software tools call agents need to function efficiently. With CCaaS, you won’t have to deal with complex hardware or challenging setups because it works with VoIP technology (voice over internet protocol).

Contact center as a service can consist of on-premise software, but it’s becoming more common for call centers to use cloud-based phone systems and software. In the latter case, cloud-based software vendors deliver out-of-the-box software solutions so call centers can customize their workflows according to their needs.

CCaaS reduces your call center’s need for development and cuts costs at the same time. The initial investment costs for CCaaS are lower than using traditional phone lines for call centers. Another big attraction for call centers is the ongoing costs which are subscription-based.

Call centers function best when call agents have a variety of phone system features to use like call routing, call queue, call recording, hold music, interactive voice response, etc. Software solutions, along with a cloud-based phone system, expand the functionality of call centers.

What Are the Benefits of CCaaS?

CCaaS brings many benefits of its own.

  • Improve customer experience-Competition is heavy for every industry and improving the customer experience is essential to providing customer service. Customers expect to get instant communication and have their problems resolved quickly. Call agents can more easily give off the impression that they’re knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Desktop notifications-Gives call agents instant notifications about incoming calls and there is no switching between the phone and computer. Call agents can immediately respond to customers or other call agents and you won’t have to worry about missing calls.
  • Call center features-Offers many call center features like call routing, IVR, voicemail, and call whispering.
  • Capability to work with software integrations-Seamlessly consolidate data with CRM, helpdesk, eCommerce, and other business software solutions.
  • Quickly and easily set up a call center-Gives you the ability to set up a call center quickly and easily. Makes it possible to set up remote teams and distributed teams and scale the number of call agents up or down at will.
  • Innovation-The best CCaaS providers are continually working on innovation to keep up with the demand for improving functionality and customer experience. Instant feedback helps them keep up with industry trends.
  • Cost-effective-Lower costs for equipment, installation, maintenance, and ongoing costs. CCaaS also costs less for tech support and keeping programs updated. The CCaaS provider takes care of administrative costs like licensing and troubleshooting so you don’t have to.

CCaaS Features

CCaaS puts all the software solutions you’ve been dreaming about right at your call agents’ fingertips. Imagine being able to give your call center these capabilities in addition to your regular phone system features:

  • CRM
  • Call analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automated sales processes
  • Helpdesk automation
  • Call tagging
  • eCommerce software
  • Productivity
  • Surveys
  • Quality Assurance

With CCaaS, this list of tools is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more you can do with CCaaS.

Call agents can use cloud-based software in your on-premise location or as part of a remote team or distributed team. They only need access to the internet and credentials to log in. CCaaS simplifies managing your call center. Everything is bundled into a single solution. If you have a question or a problem, all you have to do is contact your vendor.

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