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The Aircall Engineer Journey: Part III | Learning

Javier Lopez MoratallaLast updated on February 22, 2023
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Ready to build better conversations?

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Welcome to our series about the Aircall engineering journey. Learn more about the interview process, your first day, and finally—what to expect during your first quarter and your first year. See our current openings.

During your first weeks at Aircall, the objective is to give you a general overview of the company, the product, the culture, and the team. We also want to make sure you’re set up with all the tools and resources you need to continue your learning.

This means you’ll spend most of your time doing our internal online onboarding courses, seeing vídeos, and reading documentation.

From the perspective of the engineering team, you will need to know the Aircall architecture, components, and tools, so you’ll have to explore our onboarding guidelines and get to know how your team works.

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Interactive courses

In the last week of your first month, you’ll participate in cross-team interactive sessions led by leaders in each department. These sessions will be grouped into five topics:

  • People & Culture

  • Product

  • Customers

  • Aircall Sellers

  • Vision, Ecosystem & Brand

In these sessions, the department head will explain what they do and how their team operates, and then you’ll get to complete an activity related to their function in a small group.

At Aircall we believe all employees should understand how each team contributes to our shared goal of helping customers build better conversations with the power of voice. The more time you spend getting to know other functions, the more connected you’ll feel to the organization as a whole.

The ceremonies

Almost every engineering squad follows scrum methodology, so you’ll be a part of two-week sprints, participate in sprint planning, retrospectives, refinement meetings to manage the backlog, and standups.

Some squads reserve time at the end of the standup, if needed, to deal with issues that were raised. Some perform demos after the retrospective to show the product increment.

The end-of-week meeting

Every other week, we hold a 45-minute meeting for the whole engineering team. It’s the place to highlight what each squad has been up to over the past two weeks. We also use this time to give kudos or thanks to the other teams or to share important announcements.

If it’s your first meeting, you’ll be introduced to the rest of the squads, and after a couple of them, maybe your team will ask you to do the team presentation.

Pair programming

Pair-programming sessions are a part of the usual way of work of every squad in Aircall, as they enable knowledge-sharing and improve design and code quality.

Although we don’t use pair programming for all our tasks (we only really use it for bigger, complex, or critical ones), we view the practice as essential for onboarding. During your first sprints, you’ll participate in more than one, sharing your screen (through Zoom) or even sharing your keyboard and mouse.

Now that you know what the onboarding experience is like, we’ll give you a closer look at your first quarter at Aircall.

Published on January 7, 2022.

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