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Azendoos use of the integration of Aircall and HubSpot

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on February 23, 2023
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Azendoo is a SaaS teamwork application enabling teams to organise tasks, plan projects and easily share documents all in one interface without sending a single email. Azendoo by the numbers is 3 years of existence, 1500+ clients, 90 countries and 350,000+ users. They use Aircall and Hubspot to maximize their efficiency.

With Azendoo teams work smarter, faster, better. The application is used a lot by international teams who need easy and fluid communication. Their main target audience is small teams within large corporations – such as Microsoft, one of their clients.

Azendoo has built a solid reputation on word-of-mouth. Teams really want to use the service, which results in 100% natural growth within the companies. Here’s a short video about the service:

We had the chance to talk to Byron Dunne about how Azendoo is using Aircall’s phone support and the HubSpot integration.

Azendoo’s use of Aircall’s phone software

aircall-hubspot integration azendoo use case**
Calls represent 15% of Azendoo’s communications today**, with an emphasis on international calls. This will increase by the end of the year, as the company is rapidly expanding.

Before Aircall the team used a standard desk phone, just like the Artfinder team. However this is a limited tool and the team had specific needs, as follows.

They can thus approach and be approached by clients via our service.

  • On the business developement side

Azendoo’ Business Development team needs multiple international phone numbers.

The Bizz Devs need to receive calls on their mobile phone without giving away their personal number.
Aircall solves this problem by the portability of it’s service**.

  • On the customer support side

Here, it’s up to the customer: either the customer is at ease talking to somebody so (s)he calls, or (s)he’s not and (s)he passes by mail or chat. It also depends on who the customer represents: SMB or large company.

In any case, Aircall gives Azendoo the opportunity to be more “personal” with customers via phone.

Azendoo’s use of Aircall’s Hubspot integration

aircall-hubspot integration azendoo use case

Azendoo uses Hubspot in 2 ways:

  • classical crm service: stock all the contacts, follow-up, details and data on the contacts

  • marketing: manage all the lead generation workflow

As Byron states:

“With HubSpot you can see the number of calls vs the number of sent emails. You can also see and track the calls one team member makes by date, notes, and the duration of calls. When I pass calls I can see call details (notes) and infos about contacts in HubSpot and can leave a note on the call.”

For the Azendoo team, it’s really interesting to see the number of calls vs the number of emails. They can thus know who prefers to call and who doesn’t. Knowing this when dealing with larger companies is really important.

For instance:
On the “Sales Dashboard” in Hubspot, if you click on the “Productivity” tab, you can track and follow the calls passed vs mails sent.

In the “Activity Flow” tab you have visibility over the calls you or your team members make, the contacts you have or the contacts you have already called.

For Byron this is a key feature, with more and more larger corporate companies becoming clients, Azendoo expects an increasing number of calls.

Over to you. What services and integrations do you use? Let us know in the comments below. You can also

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Published on April 14, 2016.

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