Infographic: 2018 Customer Support Strategy (Stats & Trends)

Infographic: 2018 Customer Support Strategy (Stats & Trends)

Customer Support Infographic
Greg Smoragiewicz

I’m always asking questions at work (occasionally aloud, frequently in my head), but I’d say Aircall’s 2018 Customer Support Strategy Survey has been the most productive outlet for my curiosity yet.

“What do customer support teams see standing in the way of their success?”
“Where will they invest their time, money, and attention?”
“How do they feel about their performance?”

Sure, I had my hunches. But I wanted more objective data before drawing any conclusions.

So I did what anyone would do: I pitched the idea to my boss and ended up surveying 475 Customer Support Managers, Directors, VPs, and Executives.

Our wide-ranging questionnaire touched on topics including:

  • Strategic Priorities & Potential Threats
  • Performance Measurement
  • Channel Preferences
  • Budget Decisions
  • Training & Development

And in addition to those big-picture trends, there were all kinds of interesting comparisons to be made between survey segments (ex. B2B vs. B2C, Small Teams vs. Large Teams, etc.).

It’ll be another few weeks before the final report is polished and published, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some of the most impactful stats today. Check them out in the infographic below, and stay tuned for more in April.

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(UPDATE: You can now find the full report here!)

Aircall Infographic 2018 Customer Support Strategy Survey

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