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GetApp Analysis Declares Aircall a Call Center Software Leader

Daniel WeissLast updated on February 23, 2023
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A Category Breakdown

Getapp rankings 2018

Aircall was recently ranked the No. 2 cloud-based call center software by GetApp, the premier research and review site for businesses exploring SaaS solutions.

We’re humbled to once again be recognized as an industry leader and eager to maintain our spot on the podium moving forward. So let’s sift through the final scorecard to see what fueled our success and where we’re committed to making additional improvements.

User Reviews: 17/ 20

Aircall is committed to superior customer experience.

On the support side, our representatives track first call resolution rates, CSAT Scores (via Zendesk), and missed call volume. The current benchmark is set for 96% customer satisfaction, but they regularly surpass this number.

On the tech side of things, our technical support team works directly with new Aircall customers to set up QoS (Quality of Service) parameters on their routers. This way, there’s always bandwidth available for crystal clear communications.

As far as things to look forward to in 2018, we’ll be monitoring phone network carriers in real-time. If by chance one were to suddenly go down, Aircall conversations will automatically be switched over to a carrier that’s up-and-running. (We’re currently doing this in Europe, but it will be implemented worldwide this year.)

Integrations: 19/ 20

We are very serious about integrations. Marketing, sales, and customer support tools have limited power unless they can communicate with one another.

Aircall integrates with dozens of the most popular CRM suites, helpdesk platforms, plus Zapier (for everything else). We have a trans-Atlantic team of sales reps and developers devoted to forging partnerships and building new integrations. It’s our goal for Aircall to work with as many popular support and sales platforms as possible.

But our development team has taken integrations to the next level. Using Aircall’s open API, users can create customizable integrations. Real-time analytics dashboards, unique system configurations, and specific data points are all in your proverbial Lego box — create what you want.

Mobile: 14/ 20

Aircall is designed with simplicity and mobility in mind. Your communications should be clear at the office (of course) but also at your home and wherever work takes you.

While full functionality, admin settings, and analytics are accessible through the dashboard and desktop app, mobile users can still access all essential functions. 2018 updates include:

  • Cold and warm call transfers

  • Real-time call assignment, commenting, and archiving

  • Direct display of all CRM integrations

Media: 8/20

We’ll call the internet and see what the problem is. Until then, all we can do is post interesting, useful, and fun content to our blog and social media accounts. You can follow us here:

Security: 15/20

This score keeps us in the top-tier of our vendor category but shows we have room for improvement. Our server/service infrastructure runs through AWS, meaning all your information and data is protected behind Amazon’s industry-leading firewall, as well as compliant with security protocols.

As for 2018 enhancements, we’ll be PCI compliant — to offer our customers the convenience of verbal over-the-phone payments — as well as GDPR compliant to ensure the security of our EU customers’ personal data.

Looking Forward

The future is bright. Customer satisfaction, technological advancement, and improved security will continue to be hallmarks of our brand.

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Published on February 27, 2018.

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