The Aircall data sync with HubSpot Operational Hub drastically improves how organizations approach data management and the performance of their teams.

3 Benefits of a Data Sync Between Aircall and HubSpot

Nicholas PriceLast updated on October 5, 2023
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The right data at the right time makes a world of difference for your sales and support agents — that is, when they can find it easily. But when a customer’s email address is recorded in one program and their phone number in another, it’s not an efficient way to serve customers. Data is the most valuable when records are clear, accessible, consistent, and complete. Syncing accomplishes all of that. In doing so, it also eliminates hours of manual data entry. To bring more value to B2B customers, HubSpot has designed a new data sync tool, Operations Hub, for the HubSpot CRM platform that syncs Aircall contacts bidirectionally.

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The Importance of a Data Sync

The word “sync” stems from the word synchronize, which means to happen at the same time. As it pertains to data, the word “sync” refers to an action that causes a set of data to become identical in two or more places.

Syncing brings agreement and harmony to each data source and its various endpoints. During the process of syncing, data gets checked on both ends for gaps and duplication. The records automatically update and match each other exactly.

Check out these reasons a data sync is so important:

  • Data will always be consistent throughout the customer record.

  • Any sales or support agent can access the customer record and get the same information, regardless of the source.

  • As data security concerns grow, a data sync could prevent liabilities connected with breaches.

  • Consistent data prevents missteps and mistakes.

  • Updates occur in real-time, so the most current information is always available.

  • A data sync helps teams work better together.

  • Access to better data in a consistent way helps to improve the customer experience.

When you consider the many benefits that data syncing offers, it’s easy to see how it supports your sales and support agents in ways that help your business improve overall.

How Data Visibility Improves Business Performance

Visibility means to see. When your data is together in one place, everyone can see who is accessing it, who is changing it, and what information is missing.

With every call, your sales and support agents are making decisions. As a business owner, you’re looking at even more data and making decisions based on it. On both accounts, accurate and consistent data provide the foundation for informed decision-making. A data sync program gives you and your employees greater confidence in making decisions because they get instant access to all the details and facts. There’s no second-guessing.

Data visibility also helps your company to be more agile and responsive. Accurate and consistent data helps you learn more about your market. As market conditions change, you can use it to make timely and appropriate decisions. The way you use data can change even if the data itself remains the same. As new risks and challenges emerge along with changes, it will be easier to mitigate them.

Also, with the ability to have customer records that are consistent and updated across the board, your teams will feel united and be better motivated to work for common goals. In most cases, their morale will improve as well.

Elevating Calling Teams’ Performance With Data

A busy call center isn’t necessarily a productive one. Being productive is all about using time wisely and efficiently.

6 specific ways that data elevates teams’ performance:

  1. Records get updated in real-time. Whether sales and support agents are working in the call center, at a remote location, or in the field, they get instant access to updates that other employees make. There’s no waiting until someone gets around to making an update or for a system to update data overnight.

  2. Data, combined with training and detailed workflows, allows sales and support agents to work independently with little supervision. With access to detailed customer data and a process for how to address customer needs, they can resolve problems faster, and that’s good for the customer and the company.

  3. Data reveals when customers are happy and when they’re not. Automated survey data, notes, and comments can be accessed by anyone with access to the customer record. If a customer is unhappy with a past interaction, the next employee to speak with them will be aware of it and will be able to make it right.

  4. Data in the call center combines analytical data with the human element. These are important components for separating your business from the competition and improving the customer experience.

  5. Accessible data creates efficiency in the call center. Sales and support agents don’t waste time logging into and out of siloed programs or hunting for the information they need.

  6. Sales and support agents can find the right balance in the amount of time they spend serving customers. The right data allows them to spend sufficient time serving customers, building relationships, and personalizing interactions, and still resolve problems quickly.

Next, we’ll look at the features of the new HubSpot data sync integration and how they work to elevate teams’ performance.

3 Benefits of the HubSpot Operations Hub

HubSpot’s Operations Hub answers the call for a solution that automatically syncs contact information bidirectionally between HubSpot and Aircall. There’s no need for manual data entry on anyone’s part. Nothing is difficult or complicated to navigate. There’s no need to wait for lengthy reports to download. It’s as simple as logging in and reading the data.

Let’s look at the 3 features of the HubSpot Operations Hub in greater detail.

Feature #1 Syncs Aircall and HubSpot Data

When a sales or support agent updates a customer record or it gets updated via an automated business tool, the records update in both apps automatically. When an employee creates a new customer record in HubSpot, the information also gets created in Aircall. Your historical data syncs right away and subsequent updates sync in real time.

Feature #2 Sync Only the Data You Want

Depending on the type of business you operate and the workflows in your call center, you may not want or need to update every part of the customer record. You can set up a one-way or two-way sync, which means you can sync data on either app or between both apps. What’s more, you can add filters for the Aircall fields or HubSpot list to sync the exact data you want and avoid syncing data that you don’t want to be connected. A customizable data sync integration puts you in the driver’s seat. You have total control.

Feature #3 Default Field Mappings

Field mappings come pre-set up for you, meaning you can get up and running quickly. The out-of-the-box default field mappings keep your data well-organized and are intuitive to read.

Creating a Best-in-Class Data Environment

Manual data entry and other activities associated with keeping customer records current consume time and resources; however, they don’t contribute directly to your overall business objectives. A data sync integration changes that.

Data syncing goes hand-in-hand with your data management strategy to help your teams work better together to help your company reach its goals and improve the customer experience.

A real-time data sync eliminates the pain points of managing data in customer records that are missing, duplicated, or incompatible. Any past worries over inconsistencies are moot. Sales and support agents no longer have to wager a guess about whether they’re looking at the most accurate current data.

Clean, current, and accessible — it’s just the way data should be.

To sum things up, HubSpot’s Operations Hub syncs data bidirectionally between HubSpot and Aircall, eliminates manual data entry, and gives you total control over which data syncs automatically. It helps to create efficiency to lower costs, increase revenue, and smooth out the customer experience. HubSpot’s Operations Hub is a game-changer in data management.

Published on April 22, 2021.

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