Zendesk Sell [Announcement]
Zendesk Sell [Announcement]

Zendesk + Aircall: Creating Connected Solutions

Zendesk + Aircall: Creating Connected Solutions

Zendesk showcase is in full gear, this time in scenic San Francisco. Industry professionals from all over the world are gathered to talk sales, support, and of course, the latest CX trends. But while conversations are heating up, one topic remains the talk of the town: Zendesk Sell Marketplace.

Designed to be an all-in-one CRM for mid-market businesses, Zendesk Sell enables better visibility, stronger support, and an integrated library of tools to help empower every sales team.

This ecosystem of integrations creates a connected solution that bridges sales, support, and voice – all in one place.

“We already have a great working product between Aircall and Zendesk and we are working to make it even better.” - Jeff Reekers, VP Marketing at Aircall

As the only phone system to currently integrate with both Zendesk Support and Zendesk Sell, Aircall is thrilled to be one of the first adopters of this innovative new platform as a member of the Early Access Program (EAP). Aircall and other EAP members will have a chance to build into this ecosystem and help make connected customer platforms a reality.

What’s Next?

In the coming months, Zendesk Sell will officially launch its long-awaited app marketplace. The Zendesk app framework allows developers to add features to —or build integrations with — Zendesk products on an API they already know and love. Best of all, tech teams are free to build with any technology they like, including server-side technologies.

As a voice provider, Aircall continues to innovate and improve the call experience in Zendesk Sell using the app framework. Because of our shared focus on delivering customer-centric products, we know support is key.

The same robust integration that currently exists with Zendesk Support will also be available in Zendesk Sell, enabling true collaboration across sales and support.

What will this new integration look like for our shared customers?

➡️Better visibility into calling activities in Zendesk Sell

➡️Powerful workflow automation

➡️A fully embedded experience that brings the Aircall dialer directly into Zendesk Sell.

➡️Integrated tools throughout the customer journey

➡️An entirely unified experience across sales and support

As both Aircall and Zendesk embrace the challenge of building more connected systems globally, the partnership continues to deepen.

"We’re excited to see our partnership with Zendesk go further. Through our integration with Zendesk Support and an early bet on Zendesk Sell, Aircall is helping to create connectivity across sales and CX platforms and making this a reality for our customers worldwide.” - Jeff Reekers, VP Marketing at Aircall.

You can keep up with the changing landscape of our Aircall app marketplace to learn more about our current integrations with Zendesk Support, Zendesk Sell and over 50 other integrations with your favorite tools.