Plecto and Aircall: Creating Connected Teams

Plecto and Aircall: Creating Connected Teams

High-performance culture has undergone a transformation over the years, and in the process, picked up a less-than-great reputation. Images of late nights in the office, endless consumption of caffeine, and pithy phrases like ‘work hard, play hard’ make it hard to separate reality and fiction.

But despite a reputation for destroying work-life balance and encouraging unhealthy habits, high-performance culture is undergoing a shift. For years, businesses have struggled with keeping their employees motivated. This lack of engagement quickly snowballs into poor productivity and lost revenue.

Plecto, a Scandanavian company serving over 80,000 users sees this as less of a problem and more of an opportunity to shed some light on the inner workings of data and analytics surrounding teams’ performance.

“At Plecto, we see ourselves as part of a movement in which performance is becoming data-driven. Every day we help companies in more than 50 countries increase performance by passing on our knowledge on how to create a positive work environment where all employees are motivated to help each other get better.” -Karoline Lotz Jonassen, Growth Manager at Plecto

Data-driven decisions are vital for businesses that want to make the right choices that benefit them, their employees, and their bottom line. Plecto, a customizable data visualization tool gives teams a real-time overview of their most important business KPIs.

And while the openness and transparency can seem intimidating at first, the results speak for themselves. Teams using Plecto see increased employee engagement, automated processes, and productivity in their businesses.

Transparency, Insight, and Results

No business owner dreams of operating a stagnating company. Which is why high performing and engaged employees are vital for the growth of a company.

From small startups to global enterprises, inefficiency runs rampant. Managers are often overwhelmed by manual work that requires data collection, monitoring, and reporting. Meanwhile, employees are left in the dark and begin to feel frustrated with the lack of information and transparency.

“While Plecto is used across industries and departments; the common characteristic for the companies using Plecto is that they want to improve performance.”

With Plecto, managers can streamline their workflow by removing repetitive tasks. The interactive dashboards let teams make decisions based on real-time data that are centered on the most crucial business KPIs. Plecto even includes gamification features that help teams engage employees while cultivating much-needed transparency in the business process.

“Valuable insights should not be limited to senior staff. When you share your performance overview with all team members, you create a sense of ownership towards the company’s key results, which increases employee engagement and motivation.”

With productivity increased and morale engaged, companies can really focus on what matters most: growing their business.

A meeting of minds

As a growing company, Plecto offers much more than a powerful visualization and analytics tool. Their strong commitment to transparency also happens to be one of Aircall’s company values.

“Aircall values transparency which is not only an essential value for Plecto but also exactly what our product helps teams create. Aircall is an ambitious company, and so is Plecto.”

Aircall creates a strong and reliable cloud-based phone system, but the real power lies in teamwork. Its ability to integrate with many different tools makes it a great choice for companies that are looking to provide a powerful phone feature for their customers. Additionally, Aircall’s fast-growing marketplace gives partners the unique opportunity to build into the Aircall ecosystem.

“Aircall’s strong API made it an excellent choice for our development department. We offer a powerful analytic and visualization tool that did not exist in the Aircall marketplace. Together with Aircall's native phone application, we will bring real value to customers across the world.”

Four days and just one developer later, the Plecto + Aircall integration was born. Communication between the two teams was easy and quick, resulting in very few stumbling blocks in the development process.

“We’ve had a great onboarding as partners with Aircall, and we have only met people seeking to help and create value.”

Now with both teams trained and the partnership underway, the integration is ready for its first customers.

How it works

When you log into your Plecto account, you can quickly and easily connect Aircall to your account and start getting real-time insights on your business.

Once integrated you can start automatically importing data from Aircall to Plecto, eliminating manual work and streamlining procedures. Teams can also incorporate native Plecto gamification features like achievements, leaderboards, contests, and notifications to motivate teams and keep the momentum going.

Detailed reports allow managers to have a complete overview of the business processes so the focus is on hitting goals rather than managing repetitive tasks. Overall, the Aircall + Plecto integration saves precious time and brings visibility to processes to help businesses grow.

Going Forward

With a commitment to transparency, growth, and employee engagement, Plecto and Aircall are taking on the challenge of making data-driven decisions accessible for any business.

“Aircall and Plecto are companies with high ambitions; we have only just begun. We are on a rocket trip shooting for the stars, and in the future, we will be able to support each other's growth into new segments, new markets and much more.”

The Plecto + Aircall integration pulls deep insights from your calls into your dashboard to help your team grow. The best part is you can get started right on your Aircall or Plecto Dashboard.

Next Steps

Looking to build an integration of your own? Aircall is continuing to expand its marketplace of integrations and make it more accessible for teams all over the world to build into our public API. We have the resources to get you started and our product team is always ready to help.

Interview: Karoline Lotz Jonassen, Growth Manager, Plecto | Cover Photo: by Maksym Potapenko on Unsplash