VoIP Phone Systems for SMBs

What Sales, Customer Support & IT Leaders Need to Know About Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Small and mid-size businesses must provide exceptional sales and customer support experiences to remain competitive. The communication tools they use will greatly impact agent productivity and the ability to communicate effectively. However, not all phone systems are right for every business.

If the solution is too basic, you lose functionalities that serve to please customers, like automatic callbacks, IVR systems, and customizable call routing.

If you go with an enterprise solution, you risk becoming lost in complex setups that aren’t easily manipulated without a highly-specialized IT department. Plus you’re probably paying extra for features you don’t need.

The challenge is finding a technology that’s versatile enough to please everyone, but powerful enough to provide targeted features where necessary.

This guide focuses on what sales, support, and IT teams should look for when choosing a voice solution.

Have a read, and see what your options are!

VOIP Phone Systems for SMBs

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