Everything You Need to Know About Hosted VoIP and Why You Need a Cloud-Based VoIP for Your Business

Do you plan to upgrade your business phone system soon? This article will show you what hosted VoIP is, how cloud-based VoIP works, and why you should choose hosted voice over internet protocol for your business.

If you've been looking for reliable means to deliver a secure business phone system, seamless voice experiences, and flexible VoIP solutions for your business, one viable solution you should consider is cloud-based VoIP. If you still wonder what hosted VoIP is all about and the benefits of going with VoIP service instead of landlines, you're about to find out.

What is hosted VoIP?

Hosted voice over internet protocol, or cloud-based VoIP, is an IP telephony solution available online and accessible via servers. It is not the same as hosted PBX or on-premise VoIP, which requires the installation of telephony infrastructure within the company's local network.

A hosted voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based phone service that improves the efficiency of sales team calls in B2B organizations. It is a call solution where business phone systems are connected to the internet and routed to the cloud.

How does hosted VoIP work?

VoIP works by converting all phone calls into data packets and transmitting these calls to the telephone network. Hosted VoIP provides your business with secured phone service over the internet through a reliable VoIP solution provider.

With a cloud-based VoIP service, you don't need to install, build, and maintain a series of servers within your company infrastructure. A VoIP service provider takes care of everything with their data centres for you to enjoy a seamless and cost-effective service. Consequently, you keep only a few hardware and still gain more business call capabilities with zero maintenance.

Secured business phone system: VoIP is a customizable phone call management solution that increases security and clarity while cutting down call costs at the same time. It's an essential tool for businesses that deal with high-volume calls.

Seamless customer service: It's good to talk and communicate clearly with your customers. Hosted voice over IP helps you transmit your voice over IP (Internet Protocol) networks to the cloud.

Here are 7 important benefits of using hosted voice over internet protocol for your business

Cloud-based VoIP phone service works for a medium-size business to provide:

Unified communications and clear-cut voice transmission

You can enjoy exceptional voice service with a reliable and secure VoIP setup for third-party applications with a cloud-based VoIP. The quality of your business call is clear and guaranteed, irrespective of where your customer services are operating.

Secure business communication and privacy

Hosted VoIP safeguards the privacy of your business phone system, protects your business, and eliminates online risks. Your business phone numbers and personal data are kept strictly confidential.

Reduced cost on business VoIP calls

It helps you cut down costs of call management and voice recording storage. Cloud-based VoIP also allows business calls automation. You'll eliminate exorbitant charges that usually accrue from business calls.

Quality assurance for global customers

Another benefit of using a cloud-based VoIP is that you enjoy clear communication with customers across the world. Reach your customers anywhere and speak with them without undermining the quality of calls. Many VoIP PBX communication platforms also provide support for more than one language.

Improved workforce and employee mobility

Cloud-based VoIP solution providers also deliver more value for your business by easily and quickly improving your workforce and facilitating your employees' mobility.

Automated upgrades and easy maintenance

One of the prime benefits of switching over to a cloud-based VoIP service is that upgrades, updates, and maintenance are automated. All these take place in the background without your knowledge and guarantee you have a fast and reliable VoIP solution at any point in time.

Great customer relationships

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Hosted VoIP for business increases your customer's satisfaction due to a competitive business phone system and unique UCaaS solutions.

What are best features of hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP provides everything your marketing or sales team will ever need to communicate clearly and effectively. It offers your business all the essential features of a call centre without needing large infrastructure in your location. These include call centre, integration and analytic features to ensure unified communications and exceptional customer service.

Here are a few among the numerous excellent features you will enjoy from migrating to cloud-based VoIP:

  • Call Queuing

  • Call Routing

  • Parallel Calls

  • Live Feed

  • Call Monitoring

  • Call Conferencing

  • Call Centre Analytics

  • Webhooks & API

  • One-Click Set Up

  • Call Recording

  • Local Phone Numbers

  • CRM Integration

These are just a few of the numerous calling features Aircall offers to cloud-based VoIP clients.

How to choose the best hosted VoIP provider for your business

A great cloud-hosted VoIP service provider should have the ability to keep up with your global growth. It should provide the solutions you need to meet the demands of your growing users. It should also come with several unique features that better position your customer service with a competitive business phone system and UCaaS solutions.

How to choose the best cloud-hosted VoIP service

The needs of each business are different and vary from each other. So before you choose your VoIP solution provider, here are a few things you should look out for:

  • The versatility of VoIP services

  • Can you easily and quickly integrate your VoIP phone systems with other apps and software like CRM, Help Desk, Payment, and Billing?

  • Do you have the features to manage your business calls hitch-free?

  • Does the VoIP solution have collaboration tools and a provision of custom mobile apps?

    Before upgrading to a Hosted VoIP solution, ensure that your chosen service provider ticks all the boxes of whatever solutions are relevant to your business.

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

The cloud-hosted VoIP solution should also be capable of providing Unified Communications as a Service. UCaaS implies integrating your business calls with other functionalities like chat, email, voicemail, video, and voice. And you should be able to do all these within one app.

Security and Support

Security must be top of the mind for any cloud-based service and app connected to your business. There must be a guarantee for the security of your business communications. Carry out background checks on apps and vendors to know what security is in place to protect your business. Always go for services that offer ongoing support, end-to-end encryption, multifactor authentication, and biometrics. While there are many hosted VoIP solution providers out there, only a few of these put much premium on their security stack.

Local vs. international call costs

Hosted VoIP offers you competitive and flexible pricing. If you offer high-volume business calls, this is something that you'll be on the lookout for. The beauty of hosted VoIP services is that you get a flexible voice solution for your business irrespective of where your customers are.

You can claim local and international numbers for your business in 100+ countries. If you are using a cloud-based service provider, it doesn’t matter where your team is located. You'll enjoy unbeatable prices that you cannot get from internet-based calls.

Third-party integrations

Hosted voice over internet protocol is an advanced solution to boost the productivity and performance of your business. A good hosted VoIP service should allow you to integrate third-party apps relevant to your business.

Check out the list of apps that you can integrate into your cloud-hosted VoIP calls at the click of a button. Go for the provider that gives you the flexibility to install relevant apps on the go.

Which third-party integrations are available?

A cloud-hosted VoIP allows you to integrate hundreds of third parties and applications relevant to your business operations.

These include Hubspot, Zendest, Zoho, Monday, Salesforce, Intercom, MS Dynamics, and Pipedrive. Whether you want to integrate CRM, Livechat, eCommerce, Help Desk, Quality Assurance, Sales Automation, Surveys, SMS, Payment and Billing, Data and Reporting, or Social and Fun, you are covered for your various needs. Simply get started with hosted VoIP and integrate the preferred app or software with your calls.

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