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Aircall’s Transcription software transforms your calls and voicemails into text so you can easily find and benefit from the moments that matter.

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Get more from your calls and voicemails with transcription

Your calls are a gold mine of opportunity, but it’s not practical to listen to them all. With Aircall’s AI, you can quickly access insights from a text version.

Drive performance

Drive performance

Easily find learning opportunities through transcription. Turn daily calls into an asset for training and onboarding.

Deliver world-class CX

Deliver world-class CX

Monitor how agents handle issues, cut the time needed to deal with voicemails, and give newcomers real-life examples to review.

Unlock business insights

Unlock business insights

Leverage calls to get deal and market intelligence as well as actionable insights into your team’s performance and competitive landscape.

Built for better connections

Automatically transcribe calls with Aircall’s AI technology

With Aircall Transcription, easily go through call recordings and identify your team’s talk-to-listen ratio, key moments, or competitor mentions.

Recording links and their transcripts are logged in your CRM or help desk, so you can click to read them while checking a contact, account, or ticket.

Automatically transcribe calls  with Aircall’s AI technology

Get accurate voicemail transcriptions with the click of a button

Reduce the time needed to deal with voicemails by automatically transforming your voicemails to text. Easily skim through the transcript instead of spending minutes listening to each recording.

Get accurate voicemail transcriptions with the click of a button

All the features you need for productivity

Our powerful AI is combined with a simple interface to delight your team.

All the features you need for productivity

Frequently asked questions

Call transcription is a way to turn speech into text. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) is able to transcribe a voicemail or call recording into text that can be read by managers and their team.

Call transcription is a must have technology for Sales and Support team who want to improve their performance and monitor customer service quality. 

Call transcription is extremely useful for productivity and coaching. Think about it, if you have 10 teammates doing one hour of call, that’s 10 hours of calls to listen to. With Transcription, you can drastically reduce the time needed for call review by reading instead of listening, going straight to the moments that matter.

Over time, your Aircall library of transcripts is a source of immense value and business insights that is easier to tap into than raw recordings, for onboarding, coaching, training and monitoring.

Calls are transcribed immediately after they happen. It takes around 30% of the call duration for a transcript to appear. We strive to maintain an accuracy level of 85% or more for our call transcriptions.

In Aircall, call transcription is automatically enabled on supported numbers and languages. It can be disabled at will. Along with each call recording, if possible, Aircall will provide a transcript of the recording. Customers can click on the part of the text they are reading to listen to the corresponding audio. For a voicemail, transcription allows agents to read it instead of listening, directly in the Aircall phone.

Transcription is currently available in English and French. It is automatically enabled on US, GB, AU and FR numbers. We are adding more languages this year, including Spanish and German. We will continue to prioritize new languages based on customer demand.

Call and Voicemail Transcription are included in all Aircall plans! In the future, we might release advanced AI and coaching features that will be tiered on higher plans.

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