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Integrate Aircall with Rafiki to seamlessly capture, transcribe and analyze calls to enable great customer conversations and win more deals. View call recordings in Rafiki to get actionable insights.

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Rafiki is a revenue and conversation intelligence platform that leverages state-of-the-art AI to help companies build a high-performance sales organization at an affordable price. Rafiki’s mission is to build the most affordable and full-featured, AI-powered call transcription, coupled with customer & opportunity intelligence and advanced sales performance analytics, at a fraction of the cost of what today’s enterprise vendors demand. Rafiki makes sure every sales team is armed with absolutely the most valuable insights to take on the competition, especially the largest corporations

App overview:

Record your meetings, transcribe, search, and share with a click, tag key moments from your demo videos to contextually engage your prospects during follow-ups and accelerate the deal from demo to closing. Know what conversational factors make winning sales rep close more by using Rafiki's AI engine to automatically analyze and extract patterns across thousands of calls to show you what topics are being discussed by winning sales rep. Sync with your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, PipeDrive, Zoho, FreshSales and more) to understand your full Deal Context. CRM integration empowers you to have an eagle’s eye view of all your accounts, deals, meetings, customer contacts, lead owner, and more on a single screen. AI-generated notes by topic, auto-syncs to the CRM deal so you can view more than just deal data from your CRM. You can see what topics were discussed and what’s striking a chord with the customer.

Aircall + Rafiki.ai key benefits:

Automatic Call Recording Import

Automatically transcribe, analyze, search and share Aircall calls with Rafiki Aircall integration.

Accelerate Deals With Better Follow-Ups And Conversation Insights

Get Rafiki to kindle prospect interest with video snippets of key moments from calls in your follow-up and chat with prospects in real-time to close your deals faster.

Ramp Reps 2x Faster

Companies using Rafiki empower reps with collective sales intelligence from Rafiki’s post-call analysis and ramp up their reps twice as fast. New hires start using Rafiki as soon as they get deployed.

Improve Sales Execution

Reps become top performers by emulating successful conversation and follow-up patterns of earlier customer interactions. Sales coaches analyze winning conversation patterns of top closers and build winning playbooks customized for every selling scenario.

Super-Efficient Call Coaching

Unify sales pitches across reps. Provide personalized coaching at scale and help reps play to their strengths.

Robust Deal Pipeline

Rafiki ensures nothing gets in the way of your growth! Rafiki alerts you for deal risks, churn signals, competitor mentions, and even upsell opportunities to help you take corrective action and never miss a winnable deal.


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