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    Integromat is an integration platform to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, visual builder. It enables one to connect to any API and build complex integrations with ease and without code.

    Integromat + Aircall

    Integromat allows users to connect their Aircall account to any other online service to automate their tasks. With advanced capabilities, Integromat allows Aircall users to totally exploit Aircall’s API, making almost any integration possible.

    Key Features

    Build multi-step integrations - Plan for any number of steps and route your flow needs.

    Increase granularity in integrations - Easily parse out the data you need.

    Connect to any REST API - Use generic modules like HTTP to connect to any REST service.

    Make an API Call module - Generic Aircall module lets you easily call any Aircall endpoint.

    Additional information

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