Make (formerly Integromat)


Connect Aircall with your favorite apps in minutes

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Make (formerly Integromat)

Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything – from simple tasks to complex workflows – in minutes. Use the playful drag-and-drop interface to connect apps in a few clicks, and build limitless workflows called scenarios.

Make + Aircall

With Make, you can send information between Aircall and thousands of popular apps to provide a more streamlined, customer-centric experience. It’s fast and easy to use, visually intuitive, and it requires zero coding expertise.

Key Features

Create multi-steps integrations - Design workflows with as many apps and steps as you need. Add filters and conditional logic for more complex processes.

Connect Aircall with any app or service - Missing an app in our library? Use Make’s no-code toolkit, which includes the generic HTTP app that allows you to connect to any app or service with an API.

Use the "Make an API Call" module - This module lets you make authorized calls to any Aircall endpoint.

Build faster than ever - Reduce your time to deployment by 5x. Debug your workflows in real time to identify and solve errors, rather than searching through lines of code.


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