How Yurplan Stays In Touch With Local Events Organizers

Olivier PailhèsLast updated on February 22, 2023
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Yurplan is a complete solution for local event organizers. It enables them to benefit from a wide variety of services to organize easily their events: from communication and marketing to ticketing and payment tools. All these features from a unique platform.

The best way to keep in touch with local businesses is to offer a local presence

As an event management startup, Yurplan has very strong ties with local event organizers and hence needs to offer a very “human” and accessible support. Offering only online point of contact such as email or social network is not enough. A good old voice support is a must-have in their case.

“Through Aircall we bought a French phone number and we’re using the cascading feature to dispatch incoming calls to several members of our team, directly on their mobile phone.”

And support is a team work at Yurplan: everybody in the team has to do a bit of phone support during the week:

“Everybody in our company has a different role from field people to developers, but to stay in touch with our customers and better understand their needs we are all spending a bit of our time at the support level. We always have a person officially in charge but we keep other team members in the cascade list so when we receive several calls at the same time we are sure that the customer will get an answer.”

It’s not only about the tool it’s also about the love

At Aircall we’re also very happy to have Yurplan as customers. As a young startup we’ve been through ups and downs but their team has always been very supportive:

“Aircall is now part of our favorite tools and our central piece in terms of customer support. We are following their development since beta and we love the fact that the product evolves fast with a kickass support!”

We both share love for our customers 🙂

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Published on January 28, 2015.

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