How 3 Augment cofounders manage their phone support while traveling across 2 continents

How 3 startup cofounders manage their phone support while traveling across 2 continents

Miruna Mitranescu


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Augment’s experience on handling B2B phone support



Augment is one of the leading Augmented Reality app and platform, helping businesses improve sales efficiency and enhance their brand value through Augmented Reality. Founded in 2011, Augment is backed by 9 French Business Angels and is headquartered in Paris, France.

Augment is a young and promising startup which sells its augmented reality solution to medium / large companies through a B2B model. Being on the phone is an essential part of their startup life since they regularly receive support calls from their customers.

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Yes, Augment is growing fast but the 3 co-founders are still handling support calls themselves as the quality of service is really important to them and because it enables them to create a strong relationship with early customers.

Things start to get complicated when you know that they are very often traveling between Europe and the US and when you know that their customers are spread across 40 countries. Covering all those time zones with 3 people who are usually on the road is no easy task.


Flexibility and simplicity are key to their problems

The consequence of this rather “often changing” work environment is that flexibility is at the heart of Augment’s needs when it comes to phone support. They need to handle several phone numbers, to have their business calls follow them anywhere in the world and to be able to easily manage their availability.

This is how they can leverage Aircall’s features to their advantage:

  • Easy phone number management: they can buy and redirect new phone numbers in minutes.
  • Availability management: they can turn Aircall numbers on and off easily when they are busy.
  • Grows with your team: as their team is growing they need to be able to add / remove users and numbers on the go. Knowing that it’s possible on Aircall with a few clicks they feel confident about it.



“Aircall changed our life and the way we handle calls: everything’s online now and receiving calls or turning numbers off is just one click away.”
JF Chianetta, CEO Augment


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