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Weve Raised Series C Funding Whats Next for Our Customers?

Olivier PailhèsLast updated on February 22, 2023
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Ready to build better conversations?

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This week, the Aircall team will celebrate our collective achievement: We’ve raised $65 million in Series C funding. Since inception, Aircall has aimed to make voice conversations more valuable. This funding is a result of our focus on that mission.

However, our success as a company is resolutely measured by that of our customers — now more than ever, as they cope with the urgent demands created by the coronavirus.

These clients — many of them small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even international government entities — are using Aircall to support their communities and protect the health and safety of their employees.

We see more validation than ever in our product and in our main goal: To be the most customer obsessed provider in the market.

Putting Customer Needs First

Thinking about our 5000+ customers to date, we’ll continue to serve them through three core objectives.

  1. Promote business agility and ease of use. We’ve seen a massive shift toward the need for flexibility. This year so far, over 1,500 companies have adopted Aircall, and we’ve helped clients across 84 countries change their business operations to remote. Mobile usage has increased by 36%, and we’ll continue promoting our objective to make Aircall the easiest solution for teams.

  2. Invest in productivity features. In the last two years, our customers have made 500 million minutes of calls (or 837 years if you prefer). With volume like this, every second of efficiency matters. We’re committed to providing enterprise-grade productivity through advanced analytics, live call monitoring, and omnichannel capabilities. These and other productivity features will only become more important.

  3. Grow integration breadth and depth. Last year, Aircall customers installed over 3,000 integrations, and our integration ecosystem grew to more than 60 applications across a variety of use cases. You’ll see Aircall double-down in this area to best serve our current and future customers.

The Importance of Partnerships

We’re going to radically change the role of voice in business, and we can’t do it alone.

Our integration partners add value to Aircall by making it easily compatible with their software products, and our commercial partners help customers get more out of each and every phone conversation.

This is why we’ll be focusing on strong relationships within our partner communities — empowering them to share an integrated voice experience with their customers.

  1. Integration Partners. We’ve revamped our API and app marketplace to encourage development on top of Aircall. This will add depth to our ecosystem and show more clients the efficiency of an integrated voice solution. Close partnerships, like those with Gorgias, HubSpot, Intercom, and Salesforce, are examples of what we’ll see more of in the future.

  2. Channel Partners. We’ll engage the channel community to create a world class partnership experience and an innovative offering for their customers. We’ve already worked with incredible organizations like CNSG, CGI, and TCG who share our vision on customer centricity.

What’s Next?

Simply put: We will benchmark our growth as a company according to our customers’ success.

Fundraising is an indication of the value we bring to our customers. We thank those who have placed their trust in us. We’re allocating this financing to make you happier and stronger for the times ahead.

Stay healthy, we’re here to help. We look forward to this next chapter with you.

Published on May 27, 2020.

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