Aircall Brand Update

Aircall Brand Update: Why Its The Right Time to Change

Olivier PailhèsLast updated on October 10, 2023
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Ready to build better conversations?

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Our original branding strategy probably took three hours and 30 seconds to develop.

The first part was finding a name for the company we were about to create. Since our founding vision was to reinvent the business phone, we really wanted something that projected a sense of ease, accessibility, and simplicity.

Three hours in, we arrived at our answer. Then we spent the remaining 30 seconds finding a phone icon to paste inside a green circle and checked “logo” off our to-do list.

Aircall Whats App Apple

Great minds think alike, apparently

Could we have spent a bit more time on the exercise? Sure. But this minimum viable branding got the point across. And more importantly, it let us get back to the dozens of more urgent priorities that really would make or break the business.

Five years, thousands of customers, and hundreds of employees later, there’s no doubt now that our business is here to stay. But during that time, our branding seems to be just about the only area that hasn’t evolved in a meaningful way.

Our name, logo, and early messaging all helped explain what we do, but they never quite captured why we are doing it and how we are different.

That’s changing today.

This moment is about more than logos, colors, and fonts. It’s a declaration of our priorities at this new stage of the business.

As we start to rapidly scale, it’s essential to remember where we’ve been and who we are at our core. This new brand lets our future employees know exactly what we value — and it gives our current employees something to truly feel proud of. (Ex. An actual logo.)

Even more importantly, we wanted our brand to clarify exactly who our growing team will serve and how.

We heard our customers’ stories and priorities, and we put them front and center. Now everything points toward the simplicity they love, the reliability they deserve, and the integrations they need to have more insightful conversations.

That third part, in particular, is where we’ll need help from a network of talented partners.

We’re always eager to work with organizations committed to improving the way modern companies communicate. And for our current and potential partners, we hope today represents the first of many steps we’ll be taking in 2019 to win and reward your trust.

Aircall New Logo GIF

P.S. Our latest branding exercise lasted a bit longer than three hours and 30 seconds. Next month, we’ll publish a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the entire process.

Published on April 16, 2019.

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