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Aircall, the Phone Solution for SMBs, Launches Its Sonic Identity with Sixième Son

Julie FernandezLast updated on February 22, 2023
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With Sixième Son, Aircall deploys the first ever comprehensive sonic strategy for a SaaS phone solution. With more that $130M in annual recurring revenue and valued at more than $1B, the startup founded in 2014 shows boldness and lives up to its trailblazer status by investing in a sonic identity. And for a good reason: Aircall is a cloud-based call center and phone system for modern businesses. It’s all about audio and engaging high value conversations with others.

You can listen to Aircall’s new sonic identity here!

Aircall was built to make phone systems accessible, transparent, and collaborative. Sixième Son thus created a sonic identity that says it all. It was designed to facilitate high value conversations across customers, prospects, candidates, and colleagues. The idea clicked quite quickly. “We had to come up with something fresh, innovative and that most importantly, stands out”, says Olivier Pailhes, Aircall’s co-founder and CEO.

Bringing Aircall’s solution to people

Aircall chose a sonic identity that embodies technical solutions, energy and creativity, and the people behind them. The creative process involved employees coming from their New York and Parisian offices to record claps and finger snaps in Sixième Son’s studios; a simple yet efficient musical element the whole entire concept relies on. Acting like a real trigger, it starts the sonic conversation and sets the pace for fluid and dynamic interactions.

The sonic identity is a mix between an easily memorable melody – inspired by the musical tastes of their music-loving founders – and very bright electro textures; halfway between UX design and music.

Sound to provide a new experience at all touchpoints

Aircall will use the sonic identity for its on-hold music, ringtones, digital platforms and events. As a fast-growing company, its ambition is to deliver high standard experiences while developing its brand and products. Having a very flexible yet strong sonic DNA will enable Aircall to adapt to an increasingly competitive and changing sector.

Olivier Pailhes, Co-founder & CEO says: “We like to offer a fresh, generous, powerful solution for our customers to engage with their own customers, and the mood you are in when a phone call comes in matters even before the conversation starts. So, we felt there’s innovation to bring here, to move away from commoditized sound notifications and start the call off on the right foot.”

Anna Keroullé, VP Brand & Communications adds:  “As a phone solution brand, audio is a core component of our DNA. We truly believe that it provides deeper emotional connection than any other 1 to 1 channel, in business and beyond. So naturally, it made a lot of sense for us to work on our audio identity as part of our global brand experience. Crafting an audio identity with Sixième Son was the best way to find the right tone, the right vibe and a unique way of expressing who we are in the brand audio space – which is crowded with similar, generic sounds. We’re so proud of the result of this collaboration, because it is differentiating, and truly reflects who we are: energetic, fresh, passionate and timeless. We were amazed by the quality of the production, the care and level of understanding from Michael and Laurent’s teams.”

Laurent Cochini, Managing Director Sixieme Son says: “Sixième Son leverages the power of sound to benefit a very large range of companies, from century-old multinationals to startups ready to go public. It’s very inspiring to work for companies that are booming, moving fast, and innovating in sound… Especially when driven by a music enthusiast. The building of the sonic strategy was exemplary in many ways. Aircall’s ability to handle audio as a powerful tool is a strong sign sent to the market and further amplifies the leading status of the brand.”

Aircall’s new sonic identity:


Agency: Sixième Son

  • President & Chief Creative Officer: Michaël Boumendil

  • Managing Director: Laurent Cochini

  • Artistic Director: Vincent Turbé

  • Project Manager: Rose Bernard

  • Creatives: Eric Caissy, Marion Combes, Alice Lépine, Alexis Mangou, Ianis Mauraisin, Pierre Moreau

Published on August 30, 2022.

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