Total Economic Impact™ Study Finds That Switching to Aircall Can Produce 373% ROI

Emily GregorMay 31, 2022
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In May 2022, Aircall commissioned global market research company Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total  Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential financial impacts of switching to  Aircall’s cloud-based phone system. After conducting customer interviews and building a  composite organization, Forrester found that companies experienced a combined ROI of 373% over three years due to increased productivity, time and cost savings, integrations, and more.

“We believe the study highlights the value of Aircall’s product and the investments we’ve made to build a  cloud-based phone system that helps our more than 10,000 global customers increase productivity  and connect to more than 100 essential business tools,” says Aircall CEO and Co-Founder Olivier  Pailhes.

TEI™ Study Findings

The study outlined the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits of switching to Aircall. You can  [download the full study] to learn more, but the top reported benefits included:

  • Increased operational productivity by 20%: Operations managers noted that they were  able to reduce time spent on onboarding, system maintenance, implementation, and business  reporting.

  • Saved agents 8 minutes per hour: Agents increased their productivity by reducing the  amount of manual data entry spent on each call by implementing streamlined integrations  and other features.

  • Cost savings: Customers saw a decrease in costs related to equipment, international calls,  per-minute phone calls, and service maintenance.

According to a survey participant who works as an IT Manager in Media, “Aircall has actually  made our call quality improve compared to our previous provider. There was no call dropping, and  of course, it was pretty easy to use. The team had no learning curve there.”

Read about the potential return on investment of implementing Aircall in The Total Economic  Impact™ of Aircall: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Aircall.

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