Typeform's NPS tips from the Customer Success Summit 2016

Typeform's NPS tips from the Customer Success Summit 2016

customer success summit 2016
Clement Bruneau

Here are a few things we learned about customer success and NPS (Net Promoter Score) at the 2016 Customer Success Summit.

Customer Success is a key role in today’s companies

In the past few years, customer success became a strategic position in the sales life cycle of any SaaS company. This has coincided with the growing importance of nurturing a good NPS. The topic is so hot, it became a conference in itself. For once, believe the hype! It’s here to stay!

This year’s Customer Success Summit edition was, as usual, organized by Totango and gathered over 1000 attendees. Hundreds of Customer Success Managers attended over 65 workshops and talks during this 2 days-long conference.

The goal of a customer success manager is to build long term value by sustaining deep relations with the customers. Growing your customer base is one thing, but keeping your customers happy and active is another one!

Aircall was very happy to be among this year’s sponsors!

Various topics were covered

Talks went from creating a customer success mindset to interactions between sales and customers success.

And a lot of practical tips were exchanged

I’ll share a talk that I particularly enjoyed and fund very useful for any Customer Success Manager.

Typeform’s NPS hack

David Apple, Director of Customer Success at Typeform shared valuable insights from company’s NPS strategy.

The team at Typeform struggled before implementing the right NPS process.

Where it all started:
When first implementing NPS, Typeform failed to collect a big part of the scores. Moreover, they found themselves drowned in tickets that created a real mess in their Zendesk metrics.

The hack:
The team decided to dig deeper into the workflow. Thus, by combining Google Analytics to Zapier and Zendesk they were able to optimize NPS scores. Plus, they got some real usable feedbacks from their customers. Check it out:


Take-aways and best practices:

    • Customers feedbacks should be quantitative and qualitative
    • NPS is not enough by itself – you must have an action plan
    • It’s important to show the importance of NPS on financials

Bonus hack

Typeform offerd to promoters the opportunity to tweet their comment on Twitter. This brought them 100+ new subscriptions right away.

As David explained:

The goal for every Customer Success teams is to get the higher NPS score possible. They therefore tend to focus on detractors’ ratings. Keep in mind that positive feedbacks are also very important and highly motivating for the team!

In the end listening to your customers is key!

Over to you. What tips do you find useful for optimising customer success? You can share them in the comments below.
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