15 simple call center KPIs worth tracking

call center KPIs
Miruna Mitranescu

For many companies and organisations, call centres are at the heart of customer experience. Managers need to benchmark and establish which call center KPIs are worth tracking.

There are a wide variety of call center KPIs (key performance indicatiors) that can be tracked, measured, and optimized. Depending on your type of business, we’ve broke down some of the most valuable types of call center KPIs worth monitoring.

Common call center KPIs

If your call center’s activity is oriented on inbound, here are some “classic” metrics to keep an eye on. They will help capture the internal workings and productivity measurements of the centre such as:

  • Average time spent on the phone

This helps identify how much time an agent is actually “speaking live” to your customers. As a rule, the higher the percentage, the better, but be careful it isn’t too high.

  • Calls answered
  • Calls answered within x seconds
  • Average wait time
  • Missed calls

Pretty simple so far.

Sales-driven call center teams

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For sales-driven call centers teams, there will be much higher emphasis on the average wait time compared to, support or service. There are also other call center KPIs that will be important to any sales organisation, such as:

  • Conversion rate – The ratio of calls to closed business
  • Average call length – Depending on what you’re selling, this can vary greatly, and there are no right or wrong answers to it.

For example, someone selling a software product will need a much longer average call length than someone who places orders from a catalogue.

  • Average speed of answer
  • Average hold time – this can be tricky as it can easily be misunderstood.

The average amount of time a caller is on hold, including the time it takes an agent to answer the phone and the amount of time that a caller is put on hold.

Customer service centers

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For operations that are more customer service you can consider call center KPIs which will help interpret the level of customer satisfaction with the call. These could include:

  • First call resolution – Being able to solve the customer’s query/concern on the first call made.
  • Average age of query – Failing to resolve the query on the first call, this metric calculates the average amount of time that a case remains open. The shorter the better.
  • Customer call frequency – it indicates the frequency of repeated calls from the same customer.

This helps identify if correct information was given in the first place, or if there are repeated issues with a particular element of your business.

Bonus call center KPIs

  • Employee satisfaction – keep your agents happy with their work/work environment and you won’t have to deal with high turnover.

These terms are a bit generic, and many business will use their own jargon or acronyms to describe some of these concepts. There are lots of others that can be applied to other more specific operations too, we’ll keep you informed.

What metrics do you track? Let us know in the comments below. You can also

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