Influence the future of Aircall products

Be part of our User Research Program!

Why should you sign up?

Get rewarded for your participation.

Be among the first to test new and upcoming features.

Help on improving our products: we value your voice!

Get to know the people behind the scene.
(UX Researchers, Product Designers, Product Managers, Engineers.)

How it works exactly?

1. You sign up

1. You sign up

Sign up by answering a quick profiling survey.

2. We email you when a project correspond to your profile

2. We email you when a project correspond to your profile

If we feel that your profile could fit with one of our upcoming studies, we’ll get in touch with you via email to assess your egibility with few questions.

3. It’s a match!

If it is a match, we’ll propose you to participate in an online meeting with our Product team with several proposed slots. You can always say no if you are not interested.


Most of the time we’ll propose you a 30 minutes to 1 hour meeting, either to test one of our prototypes, or to show us your uses of Aircall products via screen sharing, or to discuss about a specific topic.

  • In rare cases a study could last several days/weeks with a commitment of 15 minutes/day.


We’ll ask you to give us your honest feedbacks: for better or worst.


You’ll always be informed of the type of study beforehand.

4. Thank you gift

4. Thank you gift

Everyone who participates in an online meeting with us as part of the User Research Program will get shortly after the session an Amazon gift card as a thank you!

Please note that we don’t offer any gift for participating in a survey.


E.g. For a 1 hour meeting you will get a 40$ Amazon voucher (or equivalent in your currency). If you take part to a longer study it could go up to 100$!

Yes, for now we only meet our users: users of the Phone products and/or users of the Dashboard. Participant must be at least 18 years old

No, not at all! Anyone who uses Aircall is welcome

The meeting can be held in English, French or Spanish, depending on which language you are most comfortable with

All you need is a computer (speaker, microphone & webcam), an Internet access, Zoom or Meet, Chrome browser (best supported for our prototypes) and a quiet environment to speak easily with us

Our Product team meets our users every month but sadly cannot guarantee that everyone will end up participating

We value your feedback and we will take good care of it. We'll only use them for analysis purposes in order to improve our products. It will never be shared outside Aircall nor published on our website/social networks or any other communication tool

Yes of course! You can do it at any time but we'll be very sorry to hear. We'll remove you from our volunteers database and you will no longer receive any communication about the User Research Program. To opt-out please fill in this