Postcall + Aircall: Building a Culture of Feedback

Postcall + Aircall: Building a Culture of Feedback

Customer service can make or break a business. This couldn’t be truer for small companies that rely on a loyal customer base and a handful of employees.

Providing great service comes first from listening to your customers and understanding what they need. However, many organizations struggle with getting timely and relevant customer feedback that they can use to improve their products.

Philip Manavopoulos, CEO of, realized there was a gap between what customers think, and what businesses know. And it’s this dedication to customer-centricity that drove him to start a new company: Postcall

Having already launched two companies, Philip felt well equipped to answer a vital question facing businesses: What do our customers think of us?

Gears in Motion

This serial ‘solopreneur’ saw an opportunity to collaborate with Aircall to create something that customers could love and use:

Now fully released, Postcall is a service that sends surveys to customers after a call. It helps businesses measure and rate the quality of service their customers receive.

“It’s really difficult to collect feedback around phone calls, so being able to survey your customers after they speak with you becomes very important.” - Philip Manavopoulos, Founder @Postcall.

Postcall brings visibility to team processes, using much-needed insights to help them improve and serve customers in a better and more efficient way.

“Our mission is to help companies measure the satisfaction of their customers and the performance of their phone agents, through customer-friendly surveys.”

A Piece of the Pie

Carl Sagan once said, "if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."

But for Postcall, building an entire virtual call center was not an option. It would take formidable effort to replicate the functionality and infrastructure of a cloud-based phone system. And with a team of just one, it’s about as likely as inventing the universe.

There was, however, another option: integrating with a pre-built system.

“Our software is greatly dependent on the infrastructure that Aircall provides. Taking that infrastructure and making it available for integrations through the marketplace allows smaller companies to build upon that and make it even better”

With Aircall’s growing integration marketplace, robust system, and easy to build on API, Postcall fits perfectly inside Aircall’s app ecosystem. It’s also the first app developed exclusively for Aircall customers.

“The opportunity to build an integration with Aircall was the reason for creating Postcall as a service. Aircall is a rapidly growing company with a great reputation.”

Under the Hood

After realizing the need for a post-call survey service built specifically for Aircall customers, Philip got to work, completing the integration in just 10 days. The best part: Postcall is easy to set up and even easier to use.

Simply sign up for a Postcall account, connect it to Aircall (via OAuth) and you’re set. You can start creating and customizing surveys.

Postcall gives each team the freedom to create, customize, and send efficient and useful surveys. The flexible workflows let you decide when to automatically send a survey.

Whether it’s 30-minutes after a call, or when a certain tag is added, you decide the perfect time to hit “send.”

And because Postcall can send surveys through both SMS and email, you can cater to your customers' preferences. The customer feedback remains synced between Postcall and Aircall, so your team always has the context to handle each situation with the right approach.

Lastly, the intuitive Postcall dashboard gives you access to all the survey results, recent calls, and even the ratings, so you never again have to work without data.

Going Forward

Aircall continues to expand its marketplace of integrations, making it more accessible for entrepreneurs like Philip to create something that isn’t yet available. With barriers removed, creativity can flourish.

“The process was very straight-forward thanks to the excellent documentation. I started by setting up the OAuth integration, so the app could communicate with the Aircall API. Once that was set up, I could create the Webhook so I get notifications about calls and contact changes. After that, it was simply a matter of configuring Postcall to send the surveys when the calls matched the configured triggers.”

Ready to try the Postcall + Aircall integration and start sending surveys today? Click here to get set up!