OnePageCRM and Aircall: Re-humanizing communication

OnePageCRM and Aircall: Re-humanizing communication

It's too easy to get bogged down in daily admin tasks. It leads to neglected emails, re-scheduled follow-ups, or postponed non-urgent check-in calls.

With the growing popularity of AI, it’s even easier to remove the human touch from all of your communication and let technology do the work for you.

But relationships are the most important asset in any business, and they still need a human touch. 

Without proper nurturing and regular communication, it’s difficult to retain customers, build partnerships, and get new leads.

This is where the Aircall-OnePageCRM integration comes into play. 

Being very customer-focused, both apps help you to not only build business relationships, but strengthen and re-humanize them.

Focus on relationship selling

With the catchy The CRM you've been looking for tagline, OnePageCRM stands out in its category.

Besides the traditional A-Z list, this CRM allows users to add follow-up reminders next to any contact, and then sorts them by the due date. This creates a dynamic to-do list with all the actions you need to take to nurture new or existing relationships:

If you’re looking to build customer relationships, one sales call or one outreach email is not enough. Businesses need to take several actions, and OnePageCRM helps them do this one step at a time.

"A great CRM includes all the features you need to manage contacts, track deals, set up sales pipelines, and automate tedious tasks. OnePageCRM does all of that and much more."

 Forbes Advisor

No wonder small businesses that use OnePageCRM report doubled productivity, a 100% follow-up rate, and more sales.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Building all-in-one apps has been a trend in the SaaS industry for a long time.

Contrary to many other apps, OnePageCRM doesn’t promise to replace them all. Priding itself on its sales management features and powerful email sync, it is actively looking for integration partners.

“Why reinvent the wheel if there are already great solutions out there that can do the job that our customers need? Collaboration is a fast track to growth.”

Gosia FitzGerald, CFO & Co-Founder at OnePageCRM

The team behind OnePageCRM recognizes the power of collaboration. They’re closely working with other apps that are true leaders in their sectors. Since integrating a CRM with a VoIP app is a much-needed feature, Aircall, with its focus on a well-crafted product and a clean interface, was an obvious choice for OnePageCRM.

By bringing all important customer data into one place, OnePageCRM helps businesses create a single source of truth and tap into the collaborative power of different apps.

“There are a lot of mutual benefits in this partnership. Both Aircall and OnePageCRM develop high-quality products, prioritize clean design and an intuitive user interface, and help businesses build and nurture authentic human connections. We look for partners who align with our brand values.”

 Riley Kearl, Partnerships Lead at OnePageCRM

Aircall + OnePageCRM = much faster growth

OnePageCRM has customers in over 80 countries and strives to provide them with the best experience.

In business, customers are at the core of everything, so customer communication should be smooth and efficient. This is what the Aircall-OnePageCRM integration manages to achieve.

Each contact in OnePageCRM has a detailed web page with all the information associated with this record, and now businesses can see the data from Aircall on these pages too. 

By integrating OnePageCRM with Aircall, businesses can easily find call recordings and voicemail in Aircall associated with their CRM contacts, call their CRM contacts with a click, and come more prepared for conversations with new leads by having the most important CRM information in Aircall’s Insights Cards.

“OnePageCRM is one of the simplest CRMs in the world, but lots of cogs and gears are rotating at the back end to make the app look clean on the front end and work smoothly for the end user. Our developers never have a boring day! So we appreciated Aircall’s well-written API documentation and their responsive development team.”

 Michael Deryugin, CTO at OnePageCRM

Next steps

Looking to build an integration of your own with Aircall?

We have the resources to get you started, and our product team is always ready to help.