Nicereply + Aircall: Keeping the Customer Conversation Going

Nicereply + Aircall: Keeping the Customer Conversation Going

Customer support is big business, especially for small companies, and communication is a key factor. Without knowing what your customers are thinking, it is going to be hard to give them what they want.

Unfortunately for many companies, the conversation stops after they hang up the phone or close a ticket. If the problem is marked as solved, then surely it must be… right?

Nicereply disagrees. They built a product that collects customer feedback and uses it to help improve the quality of companies’ customer support, service, product, and marketing.

Their mission: to help companies provide outstanding customer service.

“Whether it’s a startup, e-commerce, or an international corporation; We believe that great customer care has a direct positive effect on business performance.” -Lenka Brozmanova, Product marketing & Partnerships at Nicereply

Born in the summer of 2010, as a spin-off of a web hosting company, Nicereply has bootstrapped its way to 15 employees, and over 17,000 users at companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Hubspot, and Buffer.

But this small startup has never lost sight of its big mission and commitment to building a customer-centric culture.

“Customer-centric culture is what we aim for in every step of the marketing funnel, whether it is attracting people through content marketing and social media, converting them through landing pages and email marketing, or delighting them through excellent customer service and customer success.” - Lenka, Nicereply

Back to basics

When it comes to solving problems, starting at the source is key. When Nicereply noticed that customer service scores were suffering, they decided to look into three main factors: feedback, lost customers, and uncertainty.


If you run a business without a customer feedback process, you’ll soon find yourself with fewer customers in general.

The problem is collecting feedback can be difficult. Between all the things customer support agents have to do every day, circling back to customers can quickly fall off the radar.

“Sending surveys automatically after a call is key for many support teams. Nicereply's integration offers a lot of flexibility to do just that. - Robert Statsky Director of Customer Success at Aircall

Nicereply makes it easy to get important information and use it to improve future interactions. By automatically sending customers a survey directly after a conversation, the feedback you collect is timely and accurate.

Best of all, Nicereply integrates with Aircall’s cloud-based phone solution, so each step is seamlessly executed without leaving your CRM or Helpdesk.

Lost Customers

While losing customers isn’t a pleasant experience, it’s worthwhile to make the best of a bad situation by turning it into a learning opportunity.

Nicereply uses these unfortunate moments to gain valuable (and candid) insights from churning customers. This feedback helps teams learn what they could have improved upon or what, specifically, the customer was upset about.

Staying in the dark when a customer chooses to leave isn’t a proactive solution. Reaching out and trying to understand the situation leads to improvement and contributes to developing a more empathetic brand.


Over the last few years, customer support has become a vital part of most successful businesses. However, many businesses struggle with how to grow their CX departments in a smart way.

Conflicting data, un-quantifiable KPI’s, and competing schools of thought on how to scale make it hard for a business to choose the right path forward.

Nicereply gives companies the opportunity to gain actionable data right from their customers. User-generated surveys provide brands with better insight into their decision-making process.

And it’s this insight that helps power Nicereply’s support team:

“We're constantly measuring our Customer Satisfaction Scores and Net promoter Scores to see if businesses are satisfied and happy with our product and service.” - Lenka, Nicereply

Ready… Set… FEEDBACK!

Partnerships work best when values are aligned. Which is why when Nicereply decided to build a phone integration into their product, they chose Aircall.

“What we love about Aircall is its emphasis on building strong relationships and integrations with various software partners. “ - Lenka

Nicereply integrates with Aircall to make the after-call feedback process more valuable and actionable. A survey is automatically generated and sent to the customer after each call, eliminating time-consuming manual follow-ups.

Having connected platforms means that support agents can do their work more efficiently, and customers can have higher quality experiences.

“One of the great things about Nicereply is it's easy to set up, and we were really impressed that the same thing applies to Aircall. We don't want our customers to spend hours setting up our app. -- Lenka, Nicereply

Nicereply collects customer feedback from post-call surveys and adds it as a note into a custom call field.

This note pops up as an Aircall insight card the next time that specific customer calls, so your agents have insights and feedback at their fingertips. Agents can see how customers responded and anticipate concerns to provide better service.

“What's amazing is that this feature works not only in your Aircall account but also in your help desk! So even if you're talking to your customers in your help desk portal you can see the caller info as soon as the phone rings and provide quality service tailored to their specific needs. “ - Lenka


The Nicereply integration was specifically made for Aircall, making it the most intuitive solution when using both platforms.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Aircall and Nicereply are always looking for new ways to improve and keep creating products that our customers love and find useful.

“The whole process was smooth because of the support and communication we received from Aircall representatives. It was one of the best experiences we had while building new integration.” - Lenka, Nicereply