Avoma and Aircall: Leveraging AI for Stronger Communication

Avoma and Aircall: Leveraging AI for Stronger Communication

Despite what we’d like to believe, our brains are not particularly good at multitasking. It’s difficult to give our full attention at meetings while keeping track of important details. Inevitably, mistakes are made, the contents are lost, and follow-ups are forgotten.

One California based company had enough of this love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship with meetings. They came to a humbling realization: meetings are broken.

Rather than being a way to align on goals and reach shared outcomes, meetings are often the culprit behind lost productivity and scattered information.

“The moment we end a conversation, it gets lost in thin air unless someone is doing a diligent job of taking detailed notes and analyzing each conversation, which, unfortunately, no one does.” - Aditya Kothadiya, CEO Avoma.

Seeking to remedy the situation, this team of problem-solvers created Avoma, an intelligent meeting assistant that leverages the right blend of human (i.e. you) and artificial intelligence to make meetings more valuable.

“With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Avoma analyzes every conversation at scale and provides actionable insights so you can close deals faster and delight your customers better than before.”

Their bet paid off. Just two short years later, this growing team is realizing Avoma’s mission: to improve meetings using artificial intelligence and help people take away more value from their interactions.

Building Better Conversations Together

Avoma’s mission might, at first glance, seem to be at odds with Aircall. After all, one company is building an AI assistant, while the other is creating voice communications powered by human intelligence.

But dig deeper and there is a shared desire for both teams: helping customer-facing teams have productive conversations.

“Aircall built a great foundation for businesses to have great conversations. Avoma is building great intelligence on top of this strong foundation to get more value from these conversations.”

This integration gives the user the best of both worlds. Aircall provides stability for clear, robust calls with team analytics. Avoma takes these conversations to the next level with AI conversation analysis. Manual work is reduced, time is saved, and teams have actionable insights to use for training and quality assurance.

“Once you connect your Aircall account with Avoma through a simple authentication process, which literally takes a few seconds, you will start seeing the value of Avoma from your next calls”

Human + Machine

We’ve heard it before. Machines are going to steal our jobs, AI will replace all workers, and everyone will soon be unemployed. And while it’s true that some jobs might be swept up in the ongoing wave of automation, many will still remain in the hands of people.

Especially jobs that involve dealing with other people.

This is why pairing an intelligent meeting assistant with customer-facing calls not only provides a benefit to teams, it gives an overall better user experience for each customer. With reduced manual work, reps and agents focus their full attention on each call, without worrying about taking notes or remembering every last detail.

“We put tremendous emphasis on making our product delightful to use, seamlessly integrated with their existing workflows, and making sure they use it every day to do their job more efficiently and effectively.

The Avoma + Aircall integration ends up saving time, reducing repetitive tasks, and helping employees shine where it matters: connecting with customers.

How it Works:

The Avoma + Aircall integration sets up in mere seconds and helps sales and support teams instantly start having more productive conversations.

“All calls you make from Aircall will be analyzed by Avoma. It will transcribe each call, detect different speakers and topics discussed, summarize action items, and identify conversation insights that would help you improve your conversations.”

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Avoma can now start taking notes during your calls and summarizing them into actionable items. The AI can identify different speakers and even when someone is asking a question. When the conversation wraps-up, the entire call can be viewed as a recording or a transcript.

Avoma can also use the information from your call to give your team actionable steps and understanding into your conversations. From keywords and timing to trends and detailed breakdowns, you can explore team level aggregated insights and patterns across all conversations.

The insight Avoma provides is just the start. The more it is utilized, the smarter it becomes– improving its recommendations and suggestions as your team grows and scales.

“Our customers who use Aircall are particularly excited because now they can bring all their meetings and calls from Aircall into one system. Avoma helps them to analyze all these calls at scale, so they always have needed insights at their fingertips.”

The proof is clear. Teams using this integration are thrilled to unite their call capabilities with AI to create better customer experiences and have more productive conversations with their prospects.

Next Steps:

Aircall is continuing to expand its marketplace of integrations, making it more accessible for companies to integrate their tech stack and delight their customers.

If you’re ready to build with Aircall and join our app marketplace, our developer hub has all the tools you need to get started!

Interview: Aditya Kothadiya, CEO Avoma | Cover Photo: Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash