2023 Sales Trends Report

Aircall and HubSpot surveyed 1,000 industry leaders to share key data and insights to power your 2023 sales strategy.

This in-depth report includes:

  • Top challenges that sales teams face, plus tips from Aircall’s and HubSpot’s sales teams on how to solve them

  • Insight from the Aircall team on how to make the most of phone calls (the second most effective sales channel)

  • Sales metrics to track in 2023

  • Data and tips for building a solid lead generation strategy

  • A comparison of the B2B and B2C sales landscape in 2022 vs. 2023

  • Tips for building a solid sales team culture to retain talent and see the best results

  • Sales and marketing alignment in 2023

  • Changes in the sales process YoY

  • Sales enablement content to create in 2023

  • Sales leadership dos and don’ts

Build a sales strategy powered by the latest global data and expert tips to meet sales targets in 2023.

Over the past few years, the sales process has evolved (to say the least). All industries have seen a shift from in-person selling and networking to virtual and hybrid strategies. Automation and technology have redefined sales efficiency, and new sales intelligence apps join the marketplace weekly. During a time of economic

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