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Make and receive calls directly from your Aircall app within Richpanel's customer support & self-service platform.

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Get context on every caller.
Get context on every caller.
Directly log call notes, recordings & tags from the Aircall phone.
Make & receive calls directly in Richpanel.

Richpanel is a Customer Support & Self-service platform used daily by 1,000+ fast growing ecommerce brands. Specially designed for high-volume, high-growth merchants that want to grow customer service, without hiring more agents.

Aircall + Richpanel

Make and receive calls directly from your Aircall app within Richpanel. Surface caller info during a call. Save call recordings inside Richpanel.

Key Benefits

Get context on every caller

The Aircall app can be installed from the Richpanel marketplace in minutes. After that, each time you get a call, Richpanel will automatically display key attributes about the caller like their full name, lifetime value & last order date.

Richpanel automatically creates a ticket for each incoming call and assigns it to the agent who picks the call so they have the customer profile open in front of them.

Avoid duplicate data entry

All tags & notes captured by the agent on the Aircall App are automatically synced with Richpanel. The call recordings are also synced and attached to the conversations in Richpanel

Option to switch between channels

Agents can use the Richpanel to follow up on the phone calls with an email, facebook message or a live chat.


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