How Veeqo Uses the Aircall - Hubspot Integration for Sales & Support

What is Veeqo?

Veeqo is an all-in-one platform designed to lend a hand to e-commerce retailers with regards to all their inventory, order, and shipping needs. We had a chance to chat with Prince Appah, Veeqo’s head of Digital Marketing, about their use of the Aircall – Hubspot integration. To begin, he explained Veeqo’s function.

Their software targets multi-platform retailers, meaning people who sell their products over several online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, or their own website. It lets users manage their inventory, orders, item descriptions, and shipping over disparate platforms and web stores through one single interface.

“The problem is, when a retailer sells on multiple platforms, those platforms don’t talk to each other.”


Appah explains that without Veeqo, retailers would have to manually manage their business over each platform. They would have to micromanage tallying inventory, moving around supplies, keeping track of orders, etc. Veeqo optimizes retailers’ work day, and gives them more time to grow their business. Over 4,000 retailers, mostly based in the UK and the US, already use Veeqo to simplify their e-commerce business.

How Veeqo uses Aircall

In order to field customer queries and issues, Veeqo has a small call center for its support team. They’ve chosen to run this call center using Aircall’s VoIP business phone software. The six-person support team works out of Swansea, England (where Veeqo has their headquarters) and in San Francisco, California. Consequently, Veeqo makes the most out of Aircall’s virtual call center features.

“Every single agent can be based anywhere in the world and still be able to take and make phone calls – that was important for us.”

The advantages for sales & support

Thanks to Aircall, Veeqo support staff is always ready to help customers on both sides of the Atlantic. Virtual team members aren’t left behind. Rather, they can easily communicate with their colleagues and managers. Thanks to Aircall’s analytics feature, Prince Appah explains that they can record calls in order to improve their support team’s performance.

Veeqo mostly fields inbound support calls. Nevertheless, their sales team also uses Aircall to perform outbound calls to prospects and clients. By using local numbers both in the UK and San Francisco, Veeqo can enjoy a regional presence worldwide, despite its small team. This is beneficial to sales teams, who can display a local, and therefore more trustworthy, number when they reach prospective clients.

How Veeqo uses Hubspot

Veeqo has chosen to use Hubspot as its customer management software. They use Hubspot as a CRM: to synchronize their contacts, manage client information, and keep track of the customer journey. Hubspot also lets Veeqo staff create outbound polls to gauge their customers’ level of satisfaction.

“It kills two birds with one stone”, says Appah.

In the past, Veeqo used two programs: one CRM, and one for sales management. Now, thanks to Hubspot, they use the very same service for customer management and sales. Hubspot solves much the same problem than Veeqo does, albeit in a different context: one single interface for multiple usages.

The Aircall – Hubspot integration: how Veeqo makes the most out of it

Before using Aircall, Veeqo worked with another VoIP business phone provider. However, this service didn’t integrate with their CRM software, which was a major pain point. After every customer interaction, team members would have to type call logs into their CRM in order to keep track of the content of a customer interaction. This was very time-consuming and not remarkably productive.

A unified, seamless interface

Aircall seamlessly integrates with Hubspot’s CRM and sales management tool. This makes for an increased ease of use. The information gleaned during calls placed using Aircall are synched right away to Hubspot’s customer database. Consequently, if an agent needs to find out what was said during a client’s last interaction with Veeqo, they can find it right in the CRM.

“If a support person spoke to a customer, we can check within Hubspot, play back the call, and find out exactly what was said.”

Conversely, when a call comes in to Veeqo’s support team, the information kept in this client’s Hubspot files flashes into view. Thus, the agent knows the proper context and feels better prepared for the call.

veeqo aircall hubspot

Veeqo’s lead generation comes from another service, Intercom. Intercom lets businesses interact closely and proactively with their customers throughout their entire journey. Aircall also integrates with Intercom, which lets your business keep track of every phone call to improve client conversion, product adoption, and client retention.

Streamlining the process for customers and businesses alike

This kind of integration and dialog between services is in accordance with Veeqo’s mission statement. Integrations facilitate the flow of information between a retailer’s various web stores and platforms. Veeqo has also integrated with transporters such as USPS and Royal Mail in order to present their users with expeditious shipping methods.

“Having a one-stop-shop to manage our customer relationship and information, and also make sales calls has made our lives quite easy.”

Hubspot and Aircall’s integration participates in providing that one-stop-shop experience, and in satisfying Veeqo’s customers.

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