How Veeqo uses the Aircall - Hubspot integration for sales & support

How Veeqo Simplified Support Sales Using Aircall’s Hubspot Integration

Lola BarbierLast updated on February 22, 2023
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Veeqo helps online retailers keep track of their inventory, orders, and shipping needs in a single, centralized location. The product aims to service multi-platform sellers — for example, retailers that might use Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify, as well as their own website, to sell products. Without Veeqo, managers would have to monitor each venue separately, which means more time navigating platforms and less time preparing for growth.

“The problem is, when a retailer sells on multiple platforms, those platforms don’t talk to each other.”

Prince Appah, Veeqo’s head of Digital Marketing, is no stranger to limited bandwidth. With over 4,000 retailers using Veeqo already, time is a precious commodity. To streamline lead generation and customer service, Appah and his team use Aircall for phone support within their Hubspot CRM.


Less can be more: Why Veeqo uses the phone

In order to field customer queries and address any issues, Veeqo maintains a six-person support team in the U.K. (at Veeqo Headquarters) and remotely in San Francisco, California. With a modest team stationed on multiple continents, Veeqo needs to stay on-top of communications and provide superior support.

“Every single agent can be based anywhere in the world and still be able to take and make phone calls – that was important for us.”

The advantages for sales & support

Thanks to Aircall, Veeqo’s support staff is always ready to help customers on both sides of the Atlantic. Virtual team members regularly receive feedback from headquarters, so nobody is left behind.

Additionally, Aircall’s analytics features and call recordings give Appah a detailed and precise view of his team’s performance. Onboarding, quarterly reviews, and supplemental training can be more focused, and therefore more productive.

And while Veeqo mostly fields inbound calls, but Aircall’s outbound features are valuable when pursuing strong leads. By using numbers with geographically specific area codes, Veeqo can maintain a local presence, no matter where a sales or support rep is stationed. Local numbers are considered more trustworthy from a sales perspective when contacting prospective clients.

How Veeqo uses Hubspot

Veeqo has chosen to use Hubspot as its customer (and lead) management software. As a CRM, Veeqo uses Hubspot to synchronize their contacts, client information, and monitor the customer journey. Hubspot’s outbound polls also let Veeqo gauge customer satisfaction and direct future improvements.

“It kills two birds with one stone”, says Appah.

In the past, Veeqo used separate platforms for customer/lead tracking and sales. Now, all communications are centralized for convenience and agility — not unlike Veeqo’s product.

How Aircall Works with Hubspot


Veeqo understands the importance of multi-channel communications. Seamless integration is paramount to their company identity, but their previous VoIP phone software was too isolated.

A lack of communication between email, chat, and phone was seen as a major pain-point for both sales and support. Each customer interaction meant manually informing multiple platforms of the same update. This was time-consuming and unproductive.

Faster Service With Aircall

Aircall natively integrates with Hubspot’s CRM and sales management tools for an all-in-one experience. The information collected during calls is instantly synced with Hubspot’s customer database.

For example, if an agent needs to find out what was communicated during a client’s last interaction with Veeqo, all notes — including call recordings — can be found directly within the CRM.

“If support spoke to a customer, we can check within Hubspot, listen to the call, and find out exactly what was said.”

Conversely, when Veeqo’s support team receives an incoming call, the information stored within Hubspot’s customer files will flash into view. Agents are briefed on customer history and all previous interactions before even saying “hello.” This leads to better-informed representatives, faster resolutions, and happier customers.

veeqo aircall hubspot

(Side note: In order to identify potential customers, Veeqo uses another service, Intercom, for lead generation. Aircall also integrates with Intercom, auto-populating call information into individual client fields in that platform as well.)

It all comes down to simplification

A complete exchange of information between services is perfectly in-line with Veeqo’s mission statement. For Veeqo, integrations unify retailers’ various web stores, as well as customer communication channels. Veeqo has gone so far as to integrate their platform with transporters such as USPS and Royal Mail in order to provide customers with transparent and fast shipping methods.

“Having a one-stop-shop to manage our customer relationship and information, and also make sales calls has made our lives quite easy.”

When information flows freely, everything becomes simpler.

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Published on December 1, 2016.

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