Traveling Abroad For Business? Use and Keep Local Phone Numbers

Miruna MitranescuMarch 28, 2014
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Traveling internationally? Use local numbers

Like a lot of startups with an international ambition, we have sometimes people traveling across Europe or the US to attend events, go to conferences or meet potential partners / investors. Most of the time, you need to buy a temporary phone number in the country you are travelling in to receive/pass calls and have an internet connexion.

What happens to your phone number when you leave the country? You generally just don’t use it anymore. And the next time you come, you buy another one. But what about the local people who want to call you on that number when you are gone? And what about you if you want to keep it without paying expensive international fees for every single call you receive?

Easily buy and keep your local phone numbers


This is the case for Thibaud, one of Aircall’s co-founders, who is right now in the US meeting potential partners, attending YC demo day and partying at night. Here’s how he proceeded with his phone set up:

  1. Before departure: he bought a US phone number on Aircall (30 seconds – 7$)

  2. During the business travel: when he arrived he bought a temporary sim card and redirected his Aircall US number to it (10 seconds)

  3. After the travel: he will keep this Aircall number but will just redirect it to his french phone (another redirection so another 10 seconds). Still joinable from the US. Without international fee.

Total 50 seconds.

This seems a small change, but it’s not. Not only it enables our international partners to contact him on a local number even when he is gone but it also enables him to give away business cards without the french (+33) extension on it (true for all your marketing material like presentations, flyers…) and to keep using the same number when he comes back to the US in a couple of months.

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