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How to reassure customers through innovative phone support

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on February 23, 2023
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When using innovative phone support, reassuring your customer is key

tripndrive is a car sharing service dedicated to travelers: it connects travelers who leave their car at the airport, when flying away, with travelers who arrive and need to rent a car. Instead of spending a fortune at traditional rental companies (Hertz…) tripndrive enables leaving travelers to rent their car to arriving travelers for a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing the quality of service.

tripndrive is a great example of these new services operating in the sharing economy world, connecting people with each other to exchange goods or services. They’re using innovative phone support. And as we’ve already explained it here, building trust and providing outstanding customer support is crucial for startups which value proposition is innovative and which have to build new habits (extremely hard).

“Car sharing between travelers is still very new and for most of our users it’s the first time they hear about it and the first time they actually decide to try it. So our main focus is customer satisfaction as we want every user to become a happy tripndriver. This is why answering all their questions and concerns as efficiently as possible is crucial.“

Trust must be built at every step:

  • When users first arrive: to educate them and create credibility

  • During the transaction: to make the customer experience optimal

  • After the transaction: to answer any question / collect feedback


How tripndrive is using its phone support

“An open phone line is a very good tool for this purpose. Not only it enables our customers to contact us for any question but this voice contact is great to communicate more information about their reservation.”

tripndrive creates several points of contact for “voice interaction”:

  • Visitors: a phone number is available on the homepage

  • Before / during tripndrive transactions: travelers can call tripndrive team at any time

  • After sales: customers can still call for any question following their experience

Of course phone is only one component of their support playbook:

“The key is to let your customer contact you whenever he needs and through any means of communication: email, live chat, phone etc…”

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Published on October 2, 2014.

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