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How a phone number growth hack can make a startup look like a giant

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on February 23, 2023
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We’ve had a great discussion with Jakob Marovt, co-founder of Pipetop, an awesome Danish startup providing the most accurate live database of consumer brands and e-commerce businesses (and our beloved client). They have been using Aircall for a few months and told us about their experience as a startup. This testimonial is very enlightening for startup looking for a phone number growth hack.

“Aircall has been a great way for our young startup to look bigger than we were in reality. We needed to look serious in order to attract more clients, especially big organizations.”

Phone numbers displayed on a webpage trigger a sense of seriousness

“We bought four phone numbers in the countries where our target market was. Having several phone number displayed on your homepage automatically leads people to think you are bigger than a small startup.”

Not only does providing a phone number lead to actual conversion, it also impacts the psychology of customers and triggers trust, a very important conversion factor, especially in the SaaS, e-commerce and sharing economy industries.


source: invoca

Customers, medias & investors think the same

“This growth hack applies to potential customers, but also medias, investors and your business ecosystem.”

When you are a startup, perception is tremendously important, don’t underestimate the opinion of media and your ecosystem!


This phone number growth hack takes advantage of the international number display

“We also added a cool feature on our header: the phone number in the header will adapt to your location so that you can give a more “local” touch to your visitors – and again, it looks serious.”

You can use tools like Localize to make it easy for your phone numbers to adapt to the geographical origin of your visitors.

Phone number display works even better with its friends “live chat” and “sign up button”

“In addition to the phone number, we provide a live-chat and a sign-up button to the visitors: that way, there’s no chance that a lead can’t reach us. We also noticed that small organizations tend to sign up directly whereas big organizations would rather call before. Therefore, providing a phone number has helped us increasing our conversion rate in this customer segment.”


Thanks a lot Jakob for this great testimonial, all the best to Pipetop! You can try their product now on

Bonus quote

“We looked for an easy, international cloud-based phone solution for a long time and when we discovered Aircall we thought: “Somebody finally did this!”

You want to inspire trust to your customers without the hassle of opening a traditional business phone line?

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Published on April 17, 2015.

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