Aircall launches its 7/7 VIP hotline for Enterprise customers

Miruna MitranescuJune 21, 2016
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Product Update: Aircall launches its 7/7 VIP hotline for Enterprise customers

We have an awesome update to share with our Enterprise clients that will make your support and sales process more effective.

We are happy to announce the launch of our 7/7 VIP hotline effective right now. The service is exclusively provided to Aircall’s Enterprise customers (more than 10 users on the platform)

vip hotline pricing enterprise customers

Why adding this feature now?

Since its public launch in June 2015, Aircall has gained popularity in larger and larger accounts including Uber, Deliveroo or Pipedrive.

The need for additional guarantees and personalised attention triggered the idea, along with adding dedicated account managers and one-on-one on-boarding sessions.

Jonathan Anguelov, Aircall COO states:

“We felt we can give an extra layer of re-assurance to our customers – and honestly we were super excited to use our own software to make sure the service works. And it took us about 3 minutes to set it all up”

How does the VIP hotline work?

For maximum efficiency and security, the service is built on Aircall’s own product using dedicated local numbers in 35 countries.

Each Enterprise customer qualifying for the VIP Hotline will be given a specific VIP hotline number, in the country of his choice, with extended opening hours from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Each number has opening hours from 8am to 22pm and distributes incoming calls over the technical and support team. Each teammate has set rotating working hours to ensure a continuous service 365 days a year.

Side note: The service is only available in Europe right now. Aircall plans to add the United States before summer 2016.

Because our customers deserve the best

Call distribution on this VIP line uses the call routing feature embedded in Aircall, so that call load is spread evenly over the team.

This means that while most days you will talk to one of our technical support employees some special days you’ll have the chance to talk to our CEO himself.

Yes, at Aircall everybody is talking to customers, that’s part of our culture!

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