Seriously, why can’t we get a great solution to handle business calls?

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 17, 2023
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Companies just don’t need Business Phone Systems – be it “Cloud”

What happens when people try to make “better” a concept that has turned unadapted?



The 2008 iPhone killer by Nokia: a nice blend of features.


Making and receiving business calls is just not happening as it did before and it’s surprising how telco players keep on improving an outdated concept.

What has changed?

To start with, things get easy. Taxi, email, ticket booking, dating, flying. Everything gets easier. Stating that “business phone” is technical makes just no sense.

Then, people are loaded with devices. Let’s say the “heavy” user has one computer, one tablet, one phone. Can you seriously make the claim that a 2nd phone is required for business calls?

Third, companies tear down their walls and rely on people. They can be away, in meetings, remote, abroad. They need to balance work and family.

Business phone systems still rely on physical boundaries: a deskphone (you know…one of those machines with a cable and comes by default with 30 buttons) ; an office ; a country. They still rely on Numbers while I want to call People.

And this is true as well for collaboration. We collaborate on pretty much everything. Except on calls.

Last, life is too short to use ugly interfaces and ugly products. Let’s resist the temptation of using ugly things just because it’s for work – and not leisure!

Forget about your next cost-saver, feature-overstuffed, cloud-rocketed business phone system

Just make and receive business calls. As easily as email.

We at Aircall don’t like “phone systems”. We don’t know what “PBX” is (and don’t wanna know). We don’t like dialing 1 for sales, then 2 for East Coast, then 1 again for Products. We don’t like dialing 35 for John and 36 for Alice either.

But we know that our customers want to work with their calls as they do with email. Sharing, commenting, storing. From anywhere. That simple.

The only way to achieve this is by building an application that will smartly handle calls.

Allow people to make and receive calls anywhere, on any device, with a business-class call quality [no, we did not mention Sk*pe].

And allow them to seamlessly integrate the information on their calls into their existing data set.

Our product roadmap is huge and we’ll take the time necessary to make it right – but to start with, we are gonna solve our first 5 customer issues

  1. You need a phone number to receive calls. Instant numbers

  2. You might need it in any country in the world. OK, anywhere

  3. You want to include your team in the process. Instant lines for everyone

  4. You’d like to share call information. Shared Activity feed & contacts

  5. You don’t want to invest in phones. Use what you already have!

Well, that’s what Aircall is all about.

We believe that software eats everything…. and we’re hungry!

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Published on February 25, 2014.

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