Seven strategies to hit your outbound sales dialing targets with Aircall

Ben AnthoniszLast updated on July 1, 2024
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In the fast-paced world of outbound sales, every call counts. Whether you're a sales manager looking to boost your team's performance or a sales representative aiming to hit your targets, optimizing your sales process is crucial. The key lies not just in the number of dials you make but in the strategies you employ to maximize each interaction.

Our recent webinar dove into how Aircall’s globally distributed sales team uses the phone to hit their ambitious sales targets. Catch up on the webinar here.

In this blog post, we'll explore top sales tips to enhance your outbound sales efforts, and how integrating Aircall’s advanced features can drive your success.

What’s covered in this article:

  • The Numbers Game: Focus on Dials

  • Personalizing Your Outreach

  • Be Multi-Modal in Follow-Ups

  • Avoid Being Marked as Spam

  • Optimizing Call Schedules

  • Coaching to Increase Closing Rates

  • CRM Integration for Full Lifecycle Visibility

The numbers game: Focus on dials

In outbound sales, the number of dials is a controllable metric that lays the foundation for your pipeline. Meetings booked, attended, and the number of actual connected calls all stem from this critical activity.

Leveraging Aircall's Power Dialer

Aircall’s Power Dialer allows you to upload up to 1,000 numbers to automatically dial prospects. This not only saves time but also ensures a steady flow of calls, keeping you focused on conversations rather than manual dialing. Combine this feature with segmented lists based on commonalities such as region, company size, or industry, and you’ll find yourself more prepared for each call, significantly boosting your efficiency.

“Something that our sales team likes is the Power Dialer. They can call a list of contacts one after the other, which helps streamline our sales process and has increased the number of calls one person makes in a day by 100%.”

Safiya Cherifi Global Inbound Manager, Too Good To Go

Personalize your outreach

Segmenting your lists allows for personalized outreach. Split your lists by region, prospect’s company size, product, industry, or vertical to tailor your message and increase engagement.

Utilizing Local Numbers

With Aircall’s Local Numbers, you can establish a local presence even if you’re not physically there. For instance, call New York prospects with a local New York City number in the morning and Californian prospects with an L.A. number in the afternoon. This personalization increases pick-up rates and builds trust with your prospects.

“With an international team, having the capability to expand to new markets with a local approach is what makes the business successful. And Aircall plays a big role here.”

Quirijn Kleppe, Operations Manager, Leadinfo

Be multi-modal in follow-ups

Follow up using various communication methods. If your prospect doesn't answer, follow up with an SMS, or leave a voicemail suggesting another time to call.

Aircall’s Voicemail Drop and SMS/MMS features

Leverage Voicemail Drop to leave pre-recorded messages with a single tap, saving up to five hours, per-agent, per-week, and ensuring consistent messaging. Aircall’s business SMS and MMS capabilities let you follow up with a text from the same system, maintaining continuity and convenience.

Avoid being marked as Spam

Increasing the number of dials is great for increasing the odds of closing a deal, but it does come with the risk of having your numbers marked as spam. Not all hope is lost - there are four simple tips to help prevent your lines being flagged

  1. Register your number with relevant local regulators like Free Caller Registry or CNAM.

  2. Vary the numbers you dial from.

  3. Leave a message if calls go unanswered—it shows there's a real person on the line.

  4. Ensure calls last longer than 50 seconds to reduce spam markings.

Optimize your calling schedules

Use data to inform your calling schedules. Identify when your highest pick-up rates are and ensure your phone lines are ready. If certain times show lower pick-up rates, schedule one-on-ones or team meetings during these periods.

Insights with Analytics+

Analytics+ offers detailed reports on your outbound calls, highlighting top times of day, month, and year for calling and connections. These insights allow you to optimize your schedules and ensure your lines are fully staffed during peak times.

“With Aircall, we can track everything through advanced dashboards. Things like, how many calls sales reps made this month versus last month and when the busiest hours are. These are precisely the data points that physical phones don’t give you, and these are critical performance metrics for us.”

Genesis Garcia, Partner Manager, Plecto

Coaching to increase closing rates

Regular coaching can significantly increase your closing rates. Whether it’s through live coaching during calls or reviewing call recordings together, providing actionable feedback is key.

Aircall’s Call Conferencing and AI features

Call Conferencing and Call Whisper enable managers to "double-jack" into calls, offering real-time support and coaching. Additionally, Aircall AI allows managers to quickly search call recordings based on keywords, identifying coaching opportunities and areas for improvement.

CRM integration for full lifecycle visibility

Integrating your calling data with your CRM provides a comprehensive view of interactions from lead to closed-won. It also facilitates reporting and automations, enhancing your sales process.

Seamless CRM logging

Aircall’s CRM Logging brings all your call data, including call times, durations, recording & more,  into your system of record, allowing you to track the full lifecycle of touchpoints. This integration supports better decision-making and strategic planning, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

Empowering your Sales team with Aircall

Outbound sales can be challenging, but with the right strategies and tools, you can transform your approach and achieve remarkable results. By focusing on the number of dials, personalizing your outreach, being multi-modal in follow-ups, avoiding spam markings, optimizing calling schedules, and leveraging coaching, you set a strong foundation for success.

Integrating Aircall’s advanced features—from the Power Dialer and Voicemail Drop to Local Numbers, SMS/MMS, Analytics+, Call Conferencing, and CRM logging—supercharges your sales efforts, empowering your team to exceed their targets and drive growth.

Ready to take your sales game to the next level? Sign up for Aircall today and experience the future of outbound sales.

Published on June 28, 2024.

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