How to maximize sales team efficiency with Aircall's OnePageCRM integration

Nordin MestreLast updated on July 11, 2024
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Having a seamlessly integrated ecosystem is a dream for many sales teams. 

But your sales team doesn’t always need an all-in-one tool with a bloated interface and complex functionality. They usually want something simple that not only does the job but is also pleasant to use.

This is exactly what both Aircall and OnePageCRM can offer.

With its unique follow-up functionality, OnePageCRM is a powerful combination of a sales and a productivity tool. By connecting it to Aircall, one of the leading phone systems in the world, your sales teams can generate more revenue in a shorter time.

In this blog post, we'll outline reasons why sales teams choose this integration and how it boosts their efficiency.

Why use Aircall’s OnePageCRM integration 

Many CRMs and VoIP apps offer integrations but Aircall's OnePageCRM integration stands out for one reason: both apps offer very user-friendly interfaces. And both apps have a lot of features under the hood that are carefully chosen and woven into the apps' ecosystems without overwhelming users.

Integrating Aircall with OnePageCRM creates a seamless experience for your sales team. 

Here are the key benefits of this integration:

  • Avoid unnecessary manual work. Make sales calls directly from OnePageCRM and automatically log call details. Your team won't need to switch between browser tabs anymore.

  • Get context on every customer interaction. All of your customer data will always be in front of you. Not only calls, but also emails, deal statuses, upcoming tasks, and any other notes.

  • Optimize your follow-up process. Calls, emails, tasks, notes—all data aggregated on one timeline in your CRM means that every time you schedule a follow-up reminder, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the cadence, time, and content of your next follow-up.

  • Improve data accuracy. Avoid missing details and human error. With this integration, data flows automatically between the two systems so no manual copy-pasting is required.

  • Simplify your workflows. Rather than dealing with an over-complicated all-in-one tool, you can get two powerful apps to communicate with each other. They nicely complement each other and are perfect for different parts of your sales process.

How Aircall’s OnePageCRM integration improves sales efficiency

Sales efficiency is about maximizing time spent selling as well as minimizing overhead tasks like data entry. 

If your sales team works efficiently, it means they have all the right customer context at their fingertips and stay focused on those activities that generate sales.

Here's how Aircall's OnePageCRM integration can help your sales reps make the most of every minute.

1. Click-to-call directly from your CRM

Salespeople spend a lot of time in the CRM system, going through unfinished tasks and reaching out to new leads and prospects. 

Besides, salespeople also live on the phone. Between following up with prospects and checking in on existing customers, a big chunk of their day is spent making calls.

Aircall's OnePageCRM integration makes it possible for salespeople to click-to-call directly from their CRM and eliminates the need to switch between the two apps.

Once you set Aircall as your default VoIP app, go to any contact in OnePageCRM that has a phone number and click on it to launch Aircall and start the call. 

As soon as you end the call, you can log your call notes in your CRM straight away and continue down your to-do list to call the next prospect.

By spending less time looking up numbers and switching between tabs, salespeople can focus on selling.

Having click-to-call in your CRM also means your sales team will always have full context at their fingertips during sales calls and avoid awkward stumbles or having to dig through notes.

2. Get full customer profiles

Instead of having your team go from one app to another trying to piece together customer information, Aircall's OnePageCRM integration does this job for you instantly, with zero delays. 

All call logs, voicemail, and call recordings from Aircall automatically sync to the relevant contact page in OnePageCRM. You just need one quick glance to review the full interaction history and get complete context on each customer.

Context is everything in sales. Each time you make a sales call, you will see the customer's profile in OnePageCRM—and that's it, all important data will be right in front of you.

But that's not all. This integration has a two-way sync. Besides having your Aircall data in OnePageCRM, you can also see your CRM data in the Insights Cards in Aircall. This is a snapshot of the most important details for your sales conversations.

With this integration, your team will be well-prepared for sales calls, already knowing the lead's background and having their full history easily accessible.

For example, before the call, if your sales rep sees that the prospect's deal stage is "Proposal Sent", they can ask if the prospect has any questions about the proposal and address any objections.

3. Enjoy the best of both worlds

Many sales reps are forced to use all-in-one tools. These apps usually start with something small but then keep adding more features until they become too cumbersome for an agile environment.

Aircall's OnePageCRM integration takes a different approach. 

It gives your sales team two best-in-class apps in their categories, which seamlessly work together. OnePageCRM provides a robust CRM solution whereas Aircall is one of the leading VoIP apps on the market. 

By combining their strengths, your sales team becomes more efficient. You can quickly switch between the two apps, launch Aircall from within OnePageCRM, and find links to relevant call recordings in OnePageCRM.

On one side, you have Aircall's sleek and modern cloud phone system. On the other side lies OnePageCRM's powerful sales management features. 

On top of this, both apps have very intuitive and clean user interfaces.

4. Set and track your call targets

Connecting with leads over the phone is what keeps a sales pipeline growing. No wonder ABC stands for Always Be Calling.

But keeping a consistent call cadence can be a challenge for your sales team. 

With Aircall's OnePageCRM integration, you can make the most out of OnePageCRM's Sales Targets Widget. 

The Targets Widget lets each member of your team define how many calls they have to make per day, week, month, year, or even quarter. 

As they make these calls via Aircall and then add call notes in the CRM, OnePageCRM counts each note against their targets and updates them. 

With this interactive and dynamic call tracking feature, it's impossible to lose sight of your sales goals.

5. Track your performance better

In sales, data is one of your best friends. It can show you what's working versus what needs improvement.

Trying to get all of these insights from a single solution can be time-consuming and far from user-friendly. You spend more time building reports rather than selling.

Both Aircall and OnePageCRM have reporting and analytics features, but they are tailored to different parts of your sales process. With Aircall's OnePageCRM integration, you can easily switch between the two reporting systems without cluttering the clean interfaces of both apps.

In OnePageCRM, the interactive dashboard provides you with an overview of how well your sales deals are performing and if there are any bottlenecks in your process. This helps you monitor the overall health of your sales pipeline and track progress toward your sales goals.

Aircall has robust analytics on your inbound and outbound calls. It's a deep dive into metrics like unanswered vs answered calls, unique callers, call duration, waiting time, time to answer, and much more. 

For example, if by looking at OnePageCRM data, you can see that there's some problem with your cold calls, you can dig deeper into Aircall's metrics to find the reason behind the lagging performance.

6. Make the most of your follow-ups

Let's look at some stats.

As you might already know, it takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. But this is not it. To seal the sales deal, it might take at least 5 follow-ups after the initial meeting.

In other words, consistent follow-ups are essential for your sales success.

By integrating Aircall with OnePageCRM, you get a powerful follow-up tool with a central database for all your notes and call details.

All of your follow-up reminders are neatly organized and safely stored in OnePageCRM so that you always know what you have to do today. With Aircall's OnePageCRM integration, you can make calls straight from the Action Stream without wasting time on switching between tabs and windows.

Maximize sales with Aircall's OnePageCRM integration

Aircall's OnePageCRM integration is a simple and powerful way to help your sales team sell more. 

With this integration, your sales team will work from a single source of truth and maximize their efficiency. 

Invest every minute into making more meaningful connections and drive your pipeline growth.

Published on July 11, 2024.

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