How AgriWebb Uses Data Analytics to Drive Efficiency for Farmers

Kate GalileeAugust 2, 2022
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We all know the importance of using data to make strategic decisions. But Aircall customer AgriWebb took it to the next level to create a lasting impact for farmers—while doubling their outbound call volume in the process.

In our Customer Story, we spoke to Josh Collins, AgriWebb’s Head of Customer Success, to gain a deeper understanding of what problems they wanted to solve, why they chose Aircall, and the results they saw after making the switch.

“We’ve got the systems, we’ve got the process, and we’ve got the right tools in place enabling us to scale. It’s how we continue to deliver value back to the farmer so they can be more data-driven and make more informed decisions in their day-to-day.” — Josh Collins, Head of Customer Success @ AgriWebb

Read more about how Sydney-based AgriWebb uses Aircall, Intercom, and Gong to:

  • Manage customer communication

  • Use integrations to build trust

  • Capture and analyze conversations

  • Keep employees organized and motivated

“Because we had already implemented Aircall, it was just a matter of getting those insights and turning them into actionable goals.” — Josh Collins, Head of Customer Success @ AgriWebb

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