6 Novocall Alternatives for Boosting Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Emily GregorLast updated on October 2, 2023
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There are many Novocall alternatives on the market, and most (if not all) of them promise to help your business improve sales and CSAT scores. The best way to achieve that is by boosting day-to-day productivity and performance while reducing costs.

That might look like a tall order, but if your existing cloud-based phone system isn’t ticking all those boxes and more, then it’s time to look for an alternative and you’ve come to the right article.

This article compares some of the top Novocall alternatives for anyone looking for new business phone solutions that will scale sales numbers and customer support value scores—all while keeping costs down. Have a look at the Novocall alternatives that are ideal for creating more generative sales and support interactions while reducing costs.

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Why Do You Need a Novocall Alternative?

Novocall offers arguably limited support resources and phone features, shortcomings that might inhibit its ability to provide holistic support to growing businesses. For instance, certain integrations with popular business tools, which are commonplace in most competitors’ entry-level plans aren’t present in Novocall’s basic plan. So Novocall users might end up having to pay extra for third-party apps to fill the gaps.

As your sales team grows and changes, you’re going to need more phone numbers. These all cost extra with Novocall. Plus, Novocall is only available in 42 countries. This might be fine for small local businesses, but if you’re looking to expand your reach into global markets, then you need to shop around for an alternative.

Choosing the right Novocall alternative could be the difference between a poor connection and a sales agent closing a deal.

What to Look for in a Novocall Alternative

When looking for an alternative to Novocall, look for providers who offer features and integrations that will increase productivity and boost performance. This is the key to increasing sales and CSAT scores. Here are some factors to consider while you’re browsing Novocall alternatives:

Maintain customer relationships with the right integrations

Your cloud-based business phone system needs to be useful to you long after you make a sale. Once your team has closed the deal, you should be able to continue nurturing your customer relationships.

This can be done with the help of integrations. Of course, your team likely already works with an ecosystem of tools (think CRM, help desk, etc.) that they know and love. Before you make a decision about which business phone system you’re going ahead with, make sure that they integrate with the tools that you already know how to use.

The best telephony providers will offer you these integrations for free. But some providers will only grant you access to some or all of their integrations when you opt for a pricier payment plan. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing a Novocall alternative.

In-the-moment performance insights

Your new cloud-based business phone system should help sales and support managers monitor and improve their team’s productivity and performance.

This means searching for a Novocall alternative that delivers real-time performance analytics. By monitoring team call activity as it’s happening, managers can evaluate and influence call outcomes in the moment, which is exactly when you need it most.

Downtime? Not this time

When you start using new processes, it can be a learning curve for your team. This shouldn’t mean that you have weeks of downtime. When comparing Novocall alternatives, you should be asking yourself how different vendors ensure zero downtime during employee training.

Same-day setup

Your Novocall alternative should be able to give you simplicity. The same-day setup means your sales team can get back to achieving targets instead of setting up a complicated business phone system. Ultimately, a system that is easy to set up and designed for intuitive use is going to save everyone time and create more job satisfaction.

Comparison of 6 Popular Novocall Alternatives

Let’s take a look at six popular alternatives to Novocall and see what each of them brings to the table. For an accurate and transparent comparison, only details from each vendor’s entry-level plans have been included in the table.


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 100+

  • Entry-Level Features: IVR; softphone for desktop, Android, and iOS; call recording; email reporting; warm transfers; desktop notification; 50+ features in the Essentials plan alone

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: Starting at $30 per user per month


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 2

  • Entry-Level Features: Private notes, live view, canned responses, auto-assignment, keyboard shortcuts

  • Rating: 4.5 stars

  • Pricing: Starting at $0 per user per month (for up to 2 agents and 500 conversations per month)


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 11+

  • Entry-Level Features: Auto-attendant, mobile and desktop apps, video conferencing (capped at 25 participants), team messaging, live chat

  • Rating: 4.4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $17.5 per user per month(for 10 users)


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 2

  • Entry-Level Features: Web and chat support, video meetings, unlimited calling, unlimited SMS and MMS, call and voicemail transcription powered by AI

  • Rating: 4.4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting at $23 per user per month


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: None of the integrations CloudTalk offers are included in its Starter package

  • Entry-Level Features: Mobile app, number porting, automated call distribution, click-to-call, contact tagging

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: Starting at $25 per user per month


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: Of the 20+ integrations Vonage offers, 14 are free to use

  • Entry-Level Features: Mobile and desktop apps, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited team messaging, Vonage App Center

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per user per month

Why Aircall Is the Ideal Novocall Alternative

Aircall ensures top-class call quality by working only with the very best voice carriers and local providers in select markets. We know that you can’t afford to drop calls, which is why Aircall uses the Opus codec to deliver world-class quality—even when the strength of the network fluctuates.

Aircall also offers all its customers access to an ever-expanding ecosystem of essential business tools and integrations, no matter what payment plan you’re on. So you can start boosting team morale, customer satisfaction, and sales numbers from the get-go.

With standout features like call whispering, which empowers you to listen in and comment on a live call without the customer knowing it, Aircall offers tools that help you get the job done and done properly. What other cloud-based phone solutions offer at a premium price, Aircall offers as part of its entry-level package.

What Sets Aircall Apart

So you need a reliable and proven cloud-based phone solution—one that’s easy to use, packed with smart features, and comes with accessible in-house support. Aircall has all that and more. Here are a few reasons more than 15,000 global customers trust Aircall.

Easy, same-day setup and minimal maintenance

You don’t have to worry about complicated hardware when setting up Aircall for the first time. Following simple, same-day setup guidelines, managers can simply and quickly configure Aircall exactly when and how they need it. No need for complex collaborations, operations admin, or IT interventions.

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The leading apps and integrations market

Aircall offers more than 100 powerful, one-click CRM, help desk, and e-commerce tool integrations. While your sales and support teams are scaling revenue and customer satisfaction, business leaders can focus on data-driven and strategic changes while streamlining costs.

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Zero-hardware; endless options

Aircall is a hardware-free, cloud-based business phone solution. You can now track metrics, manage projects, and create strategic workflows from your mobile device with our app integration ecosystem at your fingertips. The best part? It comes at no extra charge.

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Make the Switch

Over 15,000 global businesses use Aircall daily to scale productivity and performance in customer-centric teams—all while reducing costs and delighting customers. Try Aircall for free and see for yourself how Aircall exponentially improves team productivity.

Published on January 13, 2023.

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