How iotum’s customer support team uses Aircall and

One of our favorite Aircall users is iotum, an international company that offers a wide range of conference calling and web conferencing services. Among those services is, a group conferencing platform which provides video conferencing, international numbers, call recording, screen sharing and much more. They’ve agreed to tell us about how they use the integration of Aircall and

The team at iotum is made up of 35 dedicated employees spread between offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, a smattering of remote workers in the UK, Chicago, and Ireland, and a handful of people who travel while working remotely. Since 2004, iotum has ventured to deliver a complete suite of communications tools for businesses of any size and in any location. As a result, iotum’s broad array of services draws in a diverse customer base. That’s why iotum uses Aircall and for all their customer support needs.

How iotum uses the Aircall phone system

We sat down with Sarah Jezek, iotum’s VP of Sales & Marketing, and Kyle Michaels, Marketing Coordinator, to discuss how their company gets the most out of the integration of Aircall and It’s been close to two years since iotum started using Aircall’s call center software, and in that time they’ve managed to drastically improve the way their support team handles phone calls.

Being efficient and available over multiple time zones

The support team at iotum is divided between two hemispheres, yet their goal is to function as a unified and available unit. Consequently, itoum staggers support shifts in order to be present for customers in different time zones.

“We make sure that the busier times of the day are covered with more support staff,” explains Sarah. “All in all, we’re covered from 2 AM Pacific all the way to 7 PM Pacific.”

Aircall’s flexible call center software is perfect for teams with remote employees who operate over multiple time zones. At iotum, the support team is between 3 and 8 people strong at any given time, depending on customer activity. Aircall comes in handy when a team’s numbers tend to fluctuate since it’s adaptable and easily scaleable.

“Aircall helps us maintain a level of superior customer service,” says Sarah.

The team at iotum strives to offer exemplary customer service to a disparate mix of customers, without sacrificing efficiency.

Using the Aircall and integration

Before the integration of Aircall and, iotum used both programs separately. They would keep track of support tickets within, and run Aircall’s phone system on the side. This worked, but when the integration became available, Kyle explains that his team was able to take their work to the next level.

Increase team productivity

“Now that we use the integration of Aircall and, everything is more streamlined,” says Kyle. “Both tools work together in one place.”

The integration of Aircall and means a huge surge in productivity for iotum’s support team. They can answer calls directly from within’s interface, and automatically create a ticket for each call.

Kyle sums it up so: “Time is of the essence when you’re answering calls.”

Aircall lets users annotate and tag calls, and saves the call recordings in a corresponding ticket. This means valuable seconds saved for every call, and those seconds add up to increased productivity.

To quote Kyle, “The integration of Desk and Aircall makes things easier across the board.”

A collaborative tool

At iotum, the main users of the Aircall and integration are its support agents. However, it’s not unusual to bring the sales team into the loop when a ticket presents a sales opportunity. Moreover, support teammates often need to consult each other to solve a tricky issue or resolve a complex ticket. For those reasons, iotum takes full advantage of the integration’s collaborative features. keeps a trace of every call answered through Aircall. Therefore, it’s very easy for iotum’s team to cooperate on customer support tasks. They can annotate, tag, and label calls then share them around the team if need be. The whole support process is expedited, as it’s conducted through a single, unified interface.

“Keeping the processing time down, that’s a big help for us in the long run,” concludes Kyle.

How about you? Are you ready to try out the Aircall and integration?

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