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Simple, accurate and fair planning tools to forecast and schedule teams so you can respond to customers quickly without burning out your team.

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Zusätzliche Information

The Surfboard app automatically generates forecasts and staffing requirements for customer service teams and translates these to shift plans and schedules. Taking into account target response times and productivity in the team, Surfboard adds in fairness constraints so that schedules aren’t built in an unsustainable or unfair way for employees.

Through integrating into ticketing systems, CRMs and phone systems, Surfboard extracts data to build forecasts and calculate the number of people required on each channel at any point in time. We use this plus the availability, skills, preferences and contract types of your team to create fair shift plans and schedules.

All your information is visible in a single dashboard, with schedules exported to spreadsheets so you can easily tweak these. We also support integrations into your HR systems for time off information.

Accurate forecasting

Using machine learning models, Surfboard predicts the number of tickets you can expect to receive at any point in time. This is then translated to the number of people you need on each channel to delight your customers with quick response times. We work with fast growth companies to enhance their forecasting using growth models or other external drivers.

Fair shift plans and schedules

Understanding your employees availability, contract types, skills and preferences to create shift plans and schedules that avoid burnout and provide your team with varied days.

Visibility into key metrics

We pull relevant metrics from your existing systems so you have a single source of truth. This means you can see overall team performance (% of tickets responded to within target) and individual agent performance in your dashboard.


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