Best Business Phone System in Leicester

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Best Business Phone System in Leicester

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting a business phone system in Leicester. It’s important to make the right choice, however, as a business phone system is a vital tool for delivering the best customer service, sales and support for your business. We’re here to help you understand what’s available and make an informed decision. 

As the largest city in the East Midlands, Leicester has a proud commercial, engineering and manufacturing history and is renowned for its diversity of trade. Leicester’s central location and transport connections have seen the city thrive with flourishing businesses in industries from engineering to recruitment. 

Today, many Leicester-based companies share a common requirement: a business phone system that will help support their customers and meet their business needs. 

Why do you need a business phone system in Leicester?

Picking the best business phone system for your company will deliver plenty of benefits, helping to make your sales, customer service and support team’s work easier and more productive. Here’s why you should consider using a business phone system: 

  • Connect all your tools together in a single platform, reducing time spent swapping tools

  • Enjoy greater productivity, creating new numbers, teams and workflows

  • Gain greater visibility over individual and team success metrics

  • Start conversations anywhere in the world in a matter of clicks

How to choose the right business phone system for your company in Leicester?

Whether your business is based in Leicester’s historic heart, right in the hubbub of Highfields, or a suburb like Northfields, picking the right business phone solution is key to success.

To start with, you’ll need to answer some questions about what you want from a business phone solution, such as:

  • How much is your budget? 

  • What do you intend to use the phone system for? Do you intend to streamline customer service or make your sales process more efficient, for example? 

  • Which features are most important to your business? For example, Call Queuing, Call Recording, or Call Centre Analytics

  • How many people at your business will use the system?

  • Is the number of people using the system likely to change? 

You’ll also need to choose between a traditional on-premise telephone system or a more modern cloud-based solution like Aircall. 

Traditional telephone systems, also known as onsite solutions or on-premise call centres, are widespread and simple to use, but also lack the features offered by cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based business phone systems, such as Aircall, use VoIP technology to transmit audio data (calls) over the internet, providing your business in Leicester with the perfect future-proofed option. Setting up new call centres with cloud-based calling systems is particularly simple, delivering easy scalability in a matter of clicks, and providing additional flexibility for hybrid teams.

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What are the different types and options of business phone systems in Leicester?

Analogue phone systems 

Most of us are familiar with analogue phone systems. They are the oldest type of phone system, and work by transmitting audio signals over copper wires. They’re widespread and simple to use, but they’re not scalable and lack the digital features found on modern alternatives.

Further, the UK will switch off PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) services in 2025 as every phone line in the UK switches to digital solutions. This means the copper wires that were originally installed more than a century ago will no longer work.

The change will affect businesses in Leicester and across the UK, and it’s one of the key reasons why businesses should be wary of investing in analogue phone systems today. 

PBX Phone Systems

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are built up from multiple analogue phone cables, with each one capable of holding 23 individual lines. These can be a better solution than analogue phone systems for businesses in Leicester, as they provide greater scalability–but they also lack the digital features offered by other solutions. They’ll also be impacted by the closure of PSTN services in 2025.  


As the name suggests, IP PBX is a variation of the PBX phone system, helping to connect analogue phones to the internet. IP PBX works slightly differently to analogue systems, using the internet to make and receive calls rather than using traditional analogue phone cables. 


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or cloud-based call systems use the internet to transmit calls, with a host of digital features that can transform your business. Not only will VoIP systems continue to work after PSTN is switched off in 2025, they also offer a range of features and integrations with other technologies you use such as HubSpot, Slack, and Hiver. VoIP systems are also easily scalable, thanks to the fact that only an internet connection is required to get set up. 

How can VoIP improve your business in Leicester?

There are plenty of different ways that VoIP phone systems can improve your business in Leicester. Read on, as we take a look at some of the benefits that a VoIP system has to offer.

  • Greater flexibility and scalability: Unlike traditional analogue systems, VoIP phone systems can be set up anywhere there’s an internet connection. They can also be used on any connected device, from PCs and laptops, to tablets and iPhone/Android phones.

  • Making life easier for employees: VoIP phone systems can make life a whole lot easier for the teams within your business, from streamlining operations with features such as Power Dialer, to monitoring performance through automatic Call Recording

  • More effective call routing: Perhaps more importantly, however, VoIP phone systems also offer more effective call routing, with features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ensuring callers get through to the right team when they ring your company, helping to dramatically improve their calling experience.

  • Winning the trust of customers: VoIP systems can empower your sales people to secure more leads than ever before. Features such as International numbers make it possible for customers to ring local numbers for support, along with your own outgoing calls from Leicester also showing up with local area codes, helping you to win the trust of customers.  

  • Set calling hours that work for your business: If your business in Leicester has specific hours during which agents are available to answer and respond to calls, timing is critical. With a platform such as Aircall you can set Business Hours for calls, so your business only receives calls when you're in position to respond.

Top features that you need to have in a business phone system:

International Numbers

International numbers help your Leicester-based business to establish a reputable global presence without the need for offices worldwide. Your customers can call your business from anywhere in the world at the same rate as dialling a local phone number, and your calls will also appear as local numbers when you ring customers, helping you to build trust and reach more prospects. 

Call Routing

Call routing makes it easy for your business to direct calls to the correct teammates. It works by letting you map out the most effective route for your business, with advanced call routing including the ability to direct calls automatically to agents in a pre-set order. You can also set up routing rules based on fit, availability or any other metric that suits your business. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) makes sure that callers get through to the right team when they ring your company, helping to dramatically improve their calling experience. Aircall’s IVR settings are fully customisable and tailored to your exact business needs, making it easy to set up interactive voice response flows so inbound callers can self-guide themselves to the correct team at your Leicester-based company. 

Warm Transfer

It’s far too easy to lose business when you’re transferring calls, but your company can help the transition by using Aircall’s Warm Transfer feature, which lets agents quickly brief their teammate before forwarding the call over. This means those picking up the call are fully looped in, providing customers and prospects with a smoother transition, helping to keep the conversation flowing.  

Call Queuing 

Your business may not always have the capacity to pick up calls immediately, but Call Queuing can make all the difference. You can personalise the call queuing experience to offer your customers unique messages and waiting music, along with the option to request a call back, making their queue experience as pleasant as possible.

Call Recording 

There are countless reasons for your business in Leicester to record calls, from understanding team performance and training purposes, to keeping a record of previous conversations. Aircall’s Call Recording feature has you covered in any situation, introducing automatic call recording every time one of your team picks up a phone.  

Power Dialer

When you’re ringing thousands of potential customers, every second counts, and features like Power Dialer will prove incredibly useful to your business in Leicester. Instead of inputting numbers manually, with Power Dialer your sales reps can quickly compile a list of numbers and call through them all in just one click, potentially saving minutes per call. 


Analytics will always play a key role when it comes to creating a successful business, helping you to understand what you’re doing best and where you can improve. Call Centre Analytics makes it easier than ever to monitor the performance of your team, giving you access to the metrics you need to help meet your KPIs.  

Key integrations for business phone systems in Leicester:


You can use business phone systems such as Aircall to connect with Bullhorn recruitment software, letting your team sync inbound and outgoing calls. One key benefit is the ability to save time with automatic call logging. Your business will also have quick access to candidate and contact profiles, which is critical for more personalised conversations during the recruitment process.   


JobAdder integration with business phone systems enables your Leicester-based business to sync inbound and outbound phone calls with your applicant management system, helping your teams to work more efficiently, save precious time and have more personalised conversations with customers. 


If your Leicester-based business already uses HubSpot as a CRM, Aircall’s business phone systems can drive greater efficiency and productivity through its HubSpot integration. This enables your business to automatically sync call logs between Aircall and HubSpot, streamline call workflows, increase productivity by launching calls directly from HubSpot and track customers through the whole customer journey.


Salesforce’s Aircall CRMintegration is also important to many businesses in Leicester. By using Aircall’s Salesforce integration, it’s possible for your business to make and receive phone calls directly from your Aircall app within Salesforce, helping to streamline workflows and increase productivity.


Your business can centralise phone, SMS, and chat communication into one platform using the Intercom integration. This consolidates your company’s caller information into one place and streamlines the way support teams talk with customers. 

Microsoft Teams

In a world where hybrid working is increasingly popular, it’s likely that many business owners will be looking for instant messaging integration. Helpfully, platforms such as Aircall make it simple to connect with Microsoft Teams. This enables seamless communication between customers, sales, support, and back-office workers, making collaboration easier than ever.  


Aircall’s Slack integration enables you to instantly share call information directly in Slack. Just choose the events you want to push in Slack and Aircall will send updates directly to your chosen channels for you—reducing the need to swap back and forth between tools.

Why choose Aircall for your business in Leicester?

There are plenty of reasons why businesses in Leicester should pick Aircall as their VoIP phone system of choice. These include greater efficiency with faster customer response times, the ability to ring more potential customers at the touch of a button, better transparency and analytics, and features such as International Calling, helping to deal with customers wherever they are in the world. 

Businesses in Leicester also need to consider the fact that the UK will switch off the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) in 2025, and anybody using a PSTN-based service will need to upgrade. This makes it more important than ever to invest in a cloud-based phone system today. 

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