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OK, so your business needs a new phone system. There are a lot of options on the market, which makes finding the right solution for you a challenging task. Well, this was the case until we put together this hub, complete with everything you need to consider to ensure your business makes the right call.

Why do I need a business phone system?

There are two main considerations to take into account while answering this question. It’s all well and good to upgrade your current system, but you need to ensure you’ve chosen the right solution. Firstly, is the new system going to save you money? If yes, great. Now, is it going to save you time? If you choose the right business phone system, you’ll be able to tick both boxes comfortably.

Whether you’re part of a remote workforce, a small team, or a growing department, there is a phone system out there for your exact needs. So where is best place to start when working out what that looks like? A run-through of the types of business phone systems on the market. 

Types of business phone systems

Here’s where things could get complicated. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with phone system jargon, particularly from providers trying to mask a poor product with technical speak.

Luckily, you won’t find any of that here. Below is a rundown of the phone systems on the market in the UK, and what they mean for you. If you’re after even more detail, you can head over to our blog.


Voice signals are transmitted over copper wires. Or, in layman’s terms, a normal landline phone system.


Otherwise known as Private Branch Exchange. Multiple analogue (read: traditional) phone cables combine together to support up to 23 individual lines.


Exactly the same as the PBX, but with one key difference: instead of copper wires, the voice signals travel via the internet.


Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, these are cloud-based phone systems. Information can be shared between a VoIP system and other software to enable seamless workflows to be created. A quick note: Aircall falls into this category.

Why switch to a cloud-based system?

Look around: things are changing pretty quickly for businesses in Liverpool. But it’s not all bad—particularly when it comes to new technologies and utilising them to support your daily operations. 

It’s no different when it comes to phone systems. In the UK, the government has signaled that all phone systems need to be digitised by December 2025. PSTN—the Public Switch Telephone Network—is shutting down, meaning the time to upgrade is already here.

If that sounds like a concern, it needn’t be. Phone systems run digitally are leaps and bounds ahead of their analogue counterparts, particularly in key areas for businesses: efficiency and cost. Upgrading now simply means getting ahead of the game.

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How do I choose the right business phone system?

As we’ve mentioned, the competition in the market is fierce. Everywhere you look, you’ll see products that offer you incentives to try before you buy—and in many cases, these free trial periods will look pretty similar. Your job? To decipher which is worth the time for you and your business.

So, as you sift through the deals and discounts, make sure you’re referencing the list below. It should help your decision-making process and keep you aware of hidden costs,or limited-time-only deals. We’ve covered a lot of these in more detail on our blog, too.

Trial and demo periods

Make sure the provider you choose offers you the chance to see, or use, a product first-hand. A detailed walkthrough by an expert will always leave you and your team better placed to make the right call.

Pricing that’s clear and flexible

Understand what features and benefits you’re paying for and how much you’re going to be paying—either monthly or annually. Confirm the minimum and the maximum number of users on your account, cost per user per month, and customisable plans as early as possible.

The integrations your business needs

Ensure you can plug in your CRM, customer service, or sales platforms to get the best out of the technology. One of the most important elements of cloud-based phone systems is their ability to integrate with the software you already use—or support software you could use further down your growth journey. 

Support at all times

The right service should mean painless implementation and always-on support. Accessing the right level of help as and when you need it is a huge selling point. If you provide it to your customers, why shouldn’t your phone system provider too?

Positive customer reviews

Third-party review sites are a tool that may prove invaluable when it comes to crunch time. Platforms with strong trust ratings like G2 provide unbiased customer accounts to ensure you get the full picture of the service you’re about to invest in.

Using VoIP to improve your business

Now we’ve covered the potential services on offer, it's time to consider their advantages. This will enable you to fully understand what you should expect when putting a business phone system in place.

We've compiled five of the most crucial factors to think about as you begin assessing the market, and if you need more information, we've gone into more detail on our blog.

Reduce costs everywhere

VoIP technology saves money on everything from installation and maintenance to domestic and international calling. There is no physical work involved in installing or repairing phone lines, and many providers include unlimited domestic calling as well as discounted international minutes.

Remote work simplified

Supporting remote or hybrid employees is now a critical component of staff retention, particularly for Liverpool-based businesses with flexible working policies. All your team requires is a consistent internet connection to make and receive calls from multiple devices, no matter where they are in the world.

A system built for your business

Whether your company is looking to expand or downsize, having a phone system that supports your needs at all times is critical. VoIP technology makes this simple, with system size easily adjustable to meet your requirements.

Everything under one roof

When your team members receive a call, they must have all pertinent information at their disposal in order to satisfy a customer or prospect. Many VoIP platforms provide instant access to all of this in one location, including real-time customer records, transcribed voicemails, message forwarding, and more.

No compromise on quality

With a VoIP system, connection speeds and reception levels rarely dip, resulting in minimal levels of disruption throughout the year. Both sound and video are compressed to ensure a high level of quality is maintained at all times.

The features your business needs to succeed

So you know what services are available and what benefits you can expect from whichever provider you choose. Following that, it's time to get into the specifics: product features and what they mean.

Many of these terms will appear on the websites of almost every vendor you visit, so it's critical to understand what they mean—and which ones are most important to your business. Here's a quick rundown of them.

International numbers

Claim local and international numbers for your business in 100+ countries—even if your team works a continent away.

Call routing

Direct calls to the correct teammates every time through customised distribution and ring rules.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Set up a smart directory that automatically guides callers to the correct team on their first try.

Warm transfer

Give your team the ability to quickly speak to one another before transferring a live call.

Call queuing

Give inbound callers the option to remain in queue until one of your agents is available to talk.

Call recording

Review call recordings to help confirm details, monitor quality, and guide training sessions.


Sales reps can quickly compile a list of numbers and call them all in just one click—completely integrated with your CRM.


Keep track of your call centre metrics—such as waiting time, missed call rate, and call volume—all in one place.

Why choose Aircall for your business in Liverpool?

Finding a provider that best suits your business needs isn’t easy, but hopefully all the information we’ve provided acts as a valuable resource while doing so.

With that in mind, it’s almost time to make your decision. But before you do, we’d like to give you one last helping hand. Here’s what Aircall can offer you:

Dedicated local support

With a team based in the UK, we’re always on hand to assist with anything you need—from implementation and setup, to scaling with your business, and beyond.

Set up in seconds

Whether for your sales team, support team, or both, Aircall can be set up in minutes. Ensure all your staff onboard successfully, with step-by-step instructions and a whole host of resources to get up to speed in no time.

Connect your tools

Integrate with your CRM system, helpdesk solutions and hundreds more platforms that businesses like yours use every day. 

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