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Business phone systems in Nottingham come in many different varieties. Choosing the right one is key to delivering effective customer service, sales, and support—but knowing where to start can be challenging.

And while Nottingham has a rich business history, from driving the international textile industry to sitting at the heart of the UK’s bicycle manufacturing, delivering a standout customer experience is more important than ever today.  

Across Nottingham, there are now all kinds of businesses in industries from recruitment to retail. What they each have in common is the need for a business phone system that can help them support customers and deliver on their business needs. 

Why do you need a business phone system in Nottingham?

Overall, choosing the right business phone system makes work simpler and more productive. There are many reasons your Nottingham-based business might need a business phone system, including:

  • To deliver the best support services 

  • To drive sales and unlock new leads  

  • To build meaningful connections with customers through voice calls 

  • To support remote, hybrid, or in-office customer teams 

However, making a decision on which small business phone system to use can be tricky, as there are many different options available. From traditional phone systems to cloud-based VoIP phones, different solutions for voice calls offer different advantages to businesses in Nottingham. 

That’s why we’re here to help you find a solution that’s best suited to yours. 

How to choose the right business phone system for your company in Nottingham

Whether you have 50 employees or 500, whether you’re based near the Lace Market or the city centre, evaluating a business phone system in Nottingham is an important process. There are many questions you should consider before deciding on a phone system, for example:

  • What is the key use case for the phone system? For example, will it be used for customer service, support, or sales?

  • How many people will use the system?

  • Is the number of people using the system likely to grow or change? 

  • Which features are most important to you? For example, international numbers, call routing, or IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • How can you provide a system that offers flexibility and adapts to your business needs?  

  • What’s your budget?

One of the main choices will come down to whether you have an existing traditional telephone system or want to unlock the benefits of a new system. 

Traditional telephone systems are also known as on-premise solutions or on-premise call centres. If you have a telephone system already installed, you can choose to upgrade it or you could continue using it. However, modern cloud-based phone systems offer many advantages and features that enable you to deliver a better customer experience. 

Cloud-based calling systems, which use VoIP technology to drive voice calls, are a future-proofed option for businesses in Nottingham. With a cloud-based calling system, creating call centres is seamless as they can be set up in a matter of clicks. Cloud-based calling systems also provide flexibility for team members to access leading features whether they’re office-based or working from home. 

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What are the different types and options of business phone systems in Nottingham?

Analogue phone systems 

Analogue phone systems are the oldest type of phone systems and they transmit voice signals over copper wires. While these systems can be simple to use, they lack scalability and the digital features that modern phone systems can provide. 

PBX Phone Systems

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and these types of phone systems consist of multiple analogue phone cables, with each one capable of holding 23 individual lines. While they offer greater scalability than basic analogue phone systems, they still lack the digital features other systems provide. 


This variation of PBX phone systems maintains analogue phones but connects them to the internet. With an IP PBX system, calls are made and received via the internet rather than traditional analogue phone cables. 


Voice over Internet Protocol or cloud-based call systems use the internet to transmit calls. However, hosted VoIP systems also offer many other benefits to your small business as it can integrate your phone system and other software. That opens up new capabilities and features, such as CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce to drive sales. You can also link your calls with Slack channels or sync contacts from Microsoft Teams.

Whatever tools you’re using, you’re better connected with a VoIP system. And, because no traditional phone cabling is needed—only an internet connection—VoIP systems are easily scalable. 

How can VoIP improve your business in Nottingham ?

VoIP phone systems can improve your business in Nottingham in several ways. Here are just a few benefits you could start unlocking by installing a VoIP system:

  • Greater flexibility and scalability: VoIP phone systems can be set up from anywhere in a matter of clicks and can be used on any device including PCs, laptops, tablets, and iPhone/Android phones.

  • More meaningful customer connections: Features like ‘warm transfers’ allow you to speak briefly with a colleague before transferring a call, meaning you can provide essential context to deliver a personalised experience for customers. 

  • Faster customer service responses: VoIP call centres offer tools such as skill-based routing which enable you to quickly send calls to the right department based on their skills—whether that’s your accounts department, general customer service, sales, or anything else. 

  • Greater sales and recruitment leads: Every minute on a call matters for sales and recruitment teams. From lining up calls in a power dialer to integrating tools like JobAdder to manage applicants, VoIP systems can empower your salespeople to secure leads faster. 

VoIP in Nottingham and Nearby Cities: Aircall has you covered.

Aircall's VoIP phone system is available in Nottingham, and other cities in the UK, including:

What are the benefits of using a business phone system based in the UK?

You can use local numbers to build customer trust 

Having a UK-based business phone system is important if your organisation is based in Nottingham. With a platform like Aircall, you can claim familiar local phone numbers, meaning more customers will answer on the first ring. 

You can be confident support is always on hand 

VoIP phone systems are easy to set up, but it’s always reassuring to know support is there if you need it. By choosing a UK-based phone system, you can be confident that if any hiccups do happen, a responsive support team is always ready to help. 

You can scale your phone system seamlessly  

By using a business phone system based in the UK, you can easily scale your calling capabilities as your business grows. With a VoIP system, this can be done in just a few clicks—meaning your business phone system is always ready to adapt to your changing needs. 

Top features that you need to have in a business phone system:

Call Recording

With call recording, you can easily assess your team’s performance and better understand how to deliver a memorable customer experience. Aircall’s call recording feature is automatically activated on every call and can be accessed at any time, meaning you always have a clear, on-demand log of calls to learn from. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

Interactive Voice Response systems enable your Nottingham-based business to rapidly classify callers based on their needs. It works by enabling callers to use their dial pad to self-guide themselves to the correct team—for example, sales or customer support—saving both them and your business time. 

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Minimising time spent on hold is key to delivering a great sales and support service. Ensuring your business phone system offers unlimited concurrent calls will mean customers are less likely to be waiting for a response. Meanwhile, your staff will always be able to carry out simultaneous calls from the same number—even if the team rapidly grows. 

Click to Dial 

Dialling one number doesn’t take long—however, dialling thousands does. That’s why features like click-to-dial are essential for any effective business phone system in Nottingham. These enable every sales or support agent to dial a number in a single click—whether it’s on a website, an email signature, or a list—saving valuable minutes every day.

CRM Integrations 

Your business phone system shouldn’t sit in a silo—it should talk to other tools like your CRM. By integrating your phone system and your CRM, you can easily surface context during calls (making it simpler to personalise them), automatically log call details within your CRM without needing to input them manually, and much more. All of this makes for a more efficient and productive sales and support workflow, with less time spent on admin and more memorable customer interactions. 

Why switch to a cloud-based phone system?

Using a VoIP cloud-based phone system such as Aircall provides a wide range of benefits to small businesses. These range from improved efficiency thanks to features that drive faster customer response times to simple scalability—with new numbers created in just a few clicks. 

However, there’s one more big reason for businesses to invest in a cloud-based phone system today. In 2025, the UK will switch off the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). That means that the copper wires first installed back in the 1800s will no longer be in use, and anyone using a PSTN-based service will need to upgrade.

Ready to swap copper for the cloud or simply want to drive a better sales or support service? Aircall is available to all businesses in Nottingham—click here to try it and discover what a modern phone system can do for your business. 

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