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business phone system in Brighton

Choosing a phone system for your business in Brighton can seem like a daunting task, with a huge amount of choice available. It’s important to make the right decision, as a business phone system can help to streamline your business, provide better customer service and more. We’re here to educate and help you make the right choice.

Brighton is a popular seaside resort, but its economy is underpinned by a burgeoning commerce and tech sector. All of these local organisations rely on effective customer communication, making it essential that they choose a VoIP phone system that meets their requirements and supports their goals. 

Why do you need a business phone system in Brighton?

From building stronger customer relationships and helping to make sales, to supporting the people at your company and streamlining operations, there are plenty of benefits to be gained by upgrading to the best business phone system for your company. These include: 

  • The ability for sales and support teams to launch calls in one click, and manage their work in a single system 

  • Clear analytics that make it simple to track success and progress toward key business objectives

  • Features, from creating local numbers to call routing, that make building meaningful connections with clients simple 

How to choose the right business phone system for your company in Brighton

It doesn’t matter whether you work in the Lanes or further along the beach in Hove, choosing the best business phone solution remains equally important. 

To get started, you need to answer a few questions to determine exactly what you need from a business phone system. Here’s some to kick you off: 

  • What do you want to get out of your business phone system? For example, are you looking to improve customer service? 

  • Which features will your business use the most? For example, International numbers, Power Dialer, or Warm Transfer

  • How many people at your business will use the system?

  • Will the same number of people still be using the system in the near future?

  • How much can your business afford to spend?  

There are plenty of business phone solutions to choose from. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is deciding between traditional phone systems and cloud-based solutions, such as Aircall. 

Traditional telephone systems are also known as onsite solutions or on-premise call centres. These are simple to use and found across many businesses in Brighton, but they’re also becoming increasingly outdated due to a lack of features. 

Cloud-based business phone systems, including Aircall, are a lot more advanced, and can help to future-proof your business. Cloud-based solutions use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, with data being transmitted over the internet, and provide greater scalability, flexibility and far more features than any analogue system.  

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What is the difference between hosted VoIP and PBX?

PBX Phone Systems

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are built upon analogue phone solutions. These are the oldest type of phone system, transmitting audio signals over copper wires. PBX is slightly more advanced, incorporating up to 23 individual analogue lines, which is more suited to business use as it provides greater scalability. 

There is a downside to PBX and analogue phone systems, however, as the UK intends to switch off PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) services in 2025 as phone lines in the UK are switched to digital. The change will affect businesses in Brighton and across the UK—and it’s just one of many key reasons you should consider a VoIP business phone solution. 

Hosted VoIP

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as cloud-based call systems, are a far more advanced solution than PBX. VoIP phone solutions such as Aircall use the internet to transmit calls, making it far more flexible as it’s possible to set up anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

VoIP phone systems like Aircall include additional features such as automatic Call Recording, Call Routing, Call Centre Analytics and more. Aircall also provides integrations with key workplace platforms. That means all your tools such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Bullhorn can share information with Aircall and vice-versa—helping make your teams more productive. Along with other VoIP phone solutions, Aircall won’t be impacted when the PSTN is switched off in 2025. 

How can VoIP improve your business in Brighton?

VoIP providers in Brighton can help to transform your business, providing a whole host of features that can make life easier for you and your colleagues. Here are some of the benefits that VoIP providers provide:

  • Greater flexibility and scalability: One of the biggest benefits that VoIP systems have to offer is the fact they are highly flexible. They can be used on any connected device, from PCs and laptops, to tablets and iPhone/Android phones and they can be used anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

  • Improving life for your employees: VoIP phone systems can save time, improve communication between teammates and make it far easier to use multiple platforms simultaneously. In short, they can make life a lot easier for your employees. 

  • An improved calling experience: Features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) help VoIP phone systems to deliver a far better calling experience than traditional on-premise solutions, ensuring your customers get through to the right team and the most suitable company representative.

  • Building customer trust: Aircall’s International Numbers make it possible for customers to ring local numbers when they require support. Your company’s own calls from Brighton will also appear as local numbers, making outgoing calls far less likely to be ignored.

  • A virtual call centre: Setting up and managing your call centre software should be as simple as managing your email, and thanks to VoIP phone solutions such as Aircall, it can be. With Aircall, all of your numbers and users can all be found in one place, even if they’re located all over the world. 

What are the benefits of using a business phone system based in the UK?

International Numbers

Your business may be based in Brighton, but International Numbers can give your company a truly global presence. Using International Numbers, customers can call your business from anywhere in the world while simply paying the same rate as local numbers. Better yet, your own calls will also appear as local numbers when you ring customers, helping you to get more responses. 

Call Routing

Make sure your calls are always directed to the right departments and teammates with Aircall’s Call Routing feature. You can map out the most effective route for your business, as advanced call routing lets you direct calls automatically to agents in a pre-set order, with routing rules based on fit, availability or any other metric. 

Warm Transfer

Aircall’s Warm Transfer feature helps your business to avoid getting caught out, letting agents brief teammates before a call is handed over. Customers and prospects will benefit from the smoother transition, your agents will be more clued in and the conversation will flow far more naturally as a result. 

Call Queuing 

Call Queuing is vital for any busy business, making sure your customers get the best experience possible even when your staff are unable to respond immediately. Aircall’s Call Queuing feature delivers unique messages and waiting music, along with the option to request a call back.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Aircall’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) settings are fully customisable and personalised to your business requirements. Callers can self-guide themselves to the correct team at your Brighton business, thanks to simple and interactive voice response flows. 

Call Recording 

Aircall’s Call Recording feature automatically starts recording every time one of your team picks up a phone. This gives your business access to all of your previous calls, which is ideal for training, customer service, monitoring performance and more.   

Power Dialer

Using Power Dialer, your sales reps can compile a list of potential customers, calling with a single tap of a button. This helps your business to save seconds or even minutes with each and every call, which can have a huge impact on your business when hundreds of calls are being made each day.


Call Centre Analytics are a particularly useful tool when it comes to boosting the performance of your business in Brighton. You’ll have access to the metrics you need to help meet your KPIs, making it easier to monitor performance and see where improvements can be made.   

Key integrations for business phone systems in Brighton:


Aircall can provide better efficiency and productivity for your business through its HubSpot integration. It enables you to streamline call workflows and sync call logs automatically between Aircall and HubSpot. This helps you to support and track your customers through the entire customer journey, saving your team time and boosting transparency. 


Businesses in Brighton can also benefit from Aircall’s Salesforce CRM integration. It centralises your workflows, helping to increase customer satisfaction through better communication, provides automated reporting and eliminates the need for manual data entry. 


Intercom consolidates your company’s caller information into one place, making it easier for your support team to talk to customers. Aircall’s Intercom integration brings phone, SMS, and chat communication together into a single platform, streamlining operations for growing teams. 

Microsoft Teams

Instant messaging can make a big difference to the success of your Brighton-based business. Platforms like Aircall feature integrations with instant messaging clients like Microsoft Teams, keeping your customers, sales, support, and back-office workers in contact with each other at all times and empowering them with the ability to launch calls directly from Microsoft Teams. 


It’s easier than ever to share information with colleagues and customers thanks to Aircall’s Slack integration. By using it, you can expect streamlined communication, with the ability to have Slack channels automatically updated when calls take place, without the need to switch tools. 


Having access to candidate and contact profiles is critical when it comes to recruitment. Aircall’s Bullhorn recruitment software integration makes it easier for your teams to sync inbound and outbound calls, and brings along other benefits such as automatic call logging.    


Your business can work far more efficiently using Aircall’s JobAdder integration, with the ability to sync inbound and outbound phone calls with your applicant management system. Better integration will help you to save time and enjoy more personalised conversations with potential candidates. 

Why choose Aircall for your business in Brighton?

Aircall can help to revolutionise your business in Brighton, delivering a huge number of benefits that include greater efficiency, faster response times for customers, the ability to make far more calls at the touch of a button, call recording and analytics, local numbers and more. 

It’s also the perfect time for your Brighton-based business to switch to a cloud-based business phone system like Aircall, as the UK is set to switch off the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) in 2025, and anybody using a PSTN-based service will need to upgrade. 

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